Friday, September 6, 2013

Deeply Disappointed.

M: I saw a boy for Friday and now I can't remember. I think someone said he was in Magic Mike.

A: Ooh.

M: Hold pls

M: Alex Pettyfer. He'll do:

M: Why haven't I seen this movie? I am dying.

A: Seriously dude.

M: What is my problem??

A: We need to watch this together.

M: Yes!!

A: Matthew McConaughey in a belly shirt!!1

M: WTF???

A: Don't ask why.

M: And booty shorts?!

A: It's very heterosexual.

M: Suuuuuure.



M: It always comes back to this.

A: Pretty much. But seriously, how have you not seen Magic Mike?

M: I honestly don't know. I have no excuse.

A: I'm disappointed in you.

M: I am so sorry.

M: Please stop me.

A: It's okay. You can stop, honey.

M: Anyway, Alex Pettyfer.

A: Awfully pretty.

M: He'll do.

A: He looks like Ashton Kucher's more symmetrical brother.

M: I get a more Beckham-y vibe.

A: I see that. But my search keeps pulling up pics from when he was 15 or something.

A: You know, last year.

M: No no no. Hush.

A: He was born the year I graduated high school.

M: He is...23.

A: Basically a toddler. Who can buy me vodka tonics.

M: He's legal.

A: I will allow it.


  1. You need to watch it! Joe the Wolfman is very hot in it.

  2. Hilarious. I laughed out loud at my desk at the "hug me" rhymes.


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