Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We Discuss: Ads I Was Served On Instagram

M: Today in “ads I was served on Instagram”: hair edition (apparently).

A: Ooh! I'm in.

M: Target has decided I need some hair things. Starting with these leopard barrettes:

M: I don’t really wear barrettes but should I?? These are pretty damn cute.

A: I like them!

M: Up next:

M: What. No. I am not a fortune teller.

M: I have almost black hair, so all tinted shampoo is going to do for me is make a mess in my shower. Lulu would probably love it though.

M: What the hell is this?? It looks like a torture device destined to have to be cut out of my hair while I cry.

A: Nooooo. Hard pass.

M: Another tinted thing that will do zip for my dark hair.

M: I have no idea what this is but I try to avoid silicones in general

A: But, it’s a MIX, Marianne.

M: Okay the turban hat was too much, but this is really cute. Could be great for a bad hair day.

M: Okay Jesus I am not Miss Cleo this is a lot of turbans.


A: Target REALLY wants to get you into a turban today

M: Target is aggressively pro-turban

M: I do like the barrettes though

A:  I keep getting served up stuff like this:

A: Reasonably okay pants!

A: Oh...$174

M: Sheesh

A: I know

A: Internet underwear:

A: Which, I’m sure is fine but I already have underwear. Also, Tommy John.

M: I just don’t like the name “Tommy John." Stay out of my pants.

A: RIGHT. It’s dude underwear and then they were like, ladies too, I guess.

M: Pass

A: Also, your cute sneakers are served up to me multiple times a day:

M: Oh yeah they won’t give up

A: How about now

M: They are basically the land shark of Instagram ads




A: I truly love Land Shark

M: Me too

A: I could watch Land Shark all day

M: Me too let’s do that


M: After I buy a bunch of turbans

A: I mean, Target says so

M: Goddammit they are not the boss of me

M: Just the barrettes

M: That’s IT



  1. The barrettes and at least one of the turbany headbands? The leopard is really cute! Have you guys read M Gets Dressed? She's convinced me those turban headbands are a trend worth trying

  2. Land Shark never gets old. "Candygram". "Flowers".

  3. I thought the pants ad said "crusty style" and thought ewww!

  4. Also, Land Shark has its own Wikipedia entry.


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