Monday, September 30, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Report.

I don't have a shopping report for you because I spent the weekend racing my bike, so instead, I've dug into the TJ Maxx website to find you some deals on bags, boots and jackets (aka My Favorite Things.) First:

I posted this Frye tote in August when it was new to the site and now it's on clearance! It'll go fast. 

This gorgeous plum Aimee Kestenberg hobo is also on clearance! That color, y'all. Now, boots: 

While there are a mess of Frye boots on the site, this Marc Fisher pair is what caught my eye. I dig the big zipper. 
And, call me crazy but I really love these KorkEase boots! The grey leather with that wood heel looks really modern. Ready for jackets? 

Oh man. This leather jacket is Rag & Bone and it is REALLY COOL. SO FREAKING COOL. Ugh. 

For a leather jacket that's a bit more grown, this one by Theory looks buttery and expensive. And...

since it sometimes rains in the fall (sigh) and we should be practical, how about a really well-priced navy trench from Cole Haan? Orrrrr....

LEATHER JEANS. YES. Who cares about practicality when you can have leather skinny jeans? Thank you that is all. *bows*


  1. Are you racing 'cross? Never commented before but *always* read. Also a cyclist and a former racer and ride scads. Enjoy the tan lines you've described before as it's something I navigate as well. Cheers!

    1. Yes! This is my 6th season of CX, though mostly I'm a mountain biker. (I just don't like racing mtb.) Nice to have another cyclist read the blog, thanks!

    2. Then perhaps I'll see you in a 'CX race:)

    3. Cool! Please say hi if you do. :)


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