Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack Bags & Shoes

Fall clothes can be frustrating but you know what is always there for you? Bags and shoes. Bags always fit and shoes rarely make you feel bad about yourself. They're good that way. Here are my fall picks for bags and shoes via Nordstrom Rack because you know I like a bargain:

Hello Frye satchel. I surprised myself by loving this rich, chocolate brown more than the greige.

Hear me out: When the weather turns gloomy, this bag will be cheerful AF. Plus, Longchamp leather!

This is not the MOST exciting but it will be the best for travel and weekend running around. Trust.

Oooh. This leather tote also comes in black but how dreamy is this natural color? 

Do you have leopard flats yet? I love the big, graphic print on these. 

Yas. Fun sneakers in a very fall-friendly suede with metallic stripes. I love. 

The sharp-ass almond toe on these Cole Haan ankle boots give them a little edginess. 

I am not big on heels but this looks like a very wearable pump in a super cool snakeskin print. 

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