Monday, September 16, 2019

I'm Back! My Packing Report: California.

Hello! I'm back from vacation and I feel like I'm dying. It's cool, though. Totally. Never mind that four hour time difference that made getting up this morning feel like 6am was 2am. It's FINE. *quiet weeping*

As per usual, I over-packed for this trip but mostly because we were going to several places (mountains, countryside, city!) with a crazy temperature range (32°-98°!) so my solution was to bring...everything. We went to Yosemite and also spend a few days in Sacramento, with a stop in South Lake Tahoe. I had to bring workout/hiking stuff and summer clothes and cold weather gear for a week's trip. As it turns out, I only brought three tops (all short-sleeved), one jacket (denim) and one swimsuit that I didn't actually wear. Progress? I guess? Here are a few hero items that got a lot of wear and really saved me:

Here I am with my new bff - the World Famous Talking Bear

I am wearing my Dixxon flannel shirt in almost every photo because it's one of only two long-sleeved tops I packed. I wore it over whatever t-shirt I had on and it was perfect - warm and comfortable and cute!  My particular shirt was a collaboration with Bell Helmets and was a gift (thanks, Kendell!) but I think there are one or two on Poshmark. They are GREAT flannel shirts but very fitted, so size up!

After viewing the low temps at Yosemite I also packed my Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket:

It felt like overkill for September but I am SO glad I brought it because shit gets cold in the mountains.  Plus, it packs down into a tiny bag so it doesn't take up much room. It was a really good purchase and I reviewed it briefly here if you want to see what it looks like on an actual person.

Now, a hearty shout-out to my Athleta gear - I packed my Zephyr tee and shell, my Chelsea cargo pants and my Victory hoodie. Aside from the hoodie, everything packed down to nothing and stayed pretty much wrinkle-free. The Chelsea cargo pants are always my airplane pants, but are also great in hot weather when you don't want to wear shorts. The hoodie kept me warm (and layered under my down jacket like a champ) and was also great on the airplane. (Note: today is the last day of the Athleta F&F 20% off sale! They're doing individual codes, so check your email if you're on the mailing list.) 

For shoes, I only brought three pairs: my Nike sneakers, my white Birkenstocks and my recently purchased (and, um, untested) Vince Newlyn sneaker boots. All three were useful and all three got a lot of use. My Nikes got filthy from hiking dusty trails so it was nice to have a dressier (and warm) option in my Vince sneakers, which thankfully proved to be comfortable. I pretty much wore my Birkenstocks the rest of the time.

One final shoutout to my beloved Lo & Sons Hanover backpack! Its super light, fits a ton and I love the suitcase handle sleeve. The version I have is still available in a few colors on sale but they recently released a new, updated version! Eep. I want that tooooo.

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