Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We Discuss: Everlane Stockholm Syndrome, Part II

M: Have you ever tried anything from Cuyana?

A: Nope, I haven’t.

M: I feel like this might be My Turtleneck:

A: That’s beautiful and is making me itch just looking at it.

M: Ah yes but you are the princess and the pea and I a mere peasant with rough skin 😂

A: I am a delicate flower.

M: Def

M: I’m going to keep looking but I do like that one.

A: It’s beautiful!

A: I still have a credit at Everlane and might get another cashmere sweater for winter. Loden green or black?

M: Ooh I love the loden but if you don’t have a black sweater that’s a classic.

A: That’s my struggle - I don’t have a black sweater but I do have two in grey - light and charcoal.

M: Hmmm

A: Like, how cute would the loden be with black jeans?

M: Very!

A: But, a black cashmere sweater is CLASSIC.

M: Also yes

M: But you have two grey sweaters which is close.


A: And black is always available. That loden color is new and will certainly sell out.

M: There you go

M: And you do wear black jeans a lot and have a black leather jacket.

M: Loden offers more contrast.


A: There, you talked me into it by evoking the leather jacket.

M: Hahahah

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M: Haaaaa

M: They got you.

A: Every time.


A: PS. They have a cashmere turtleneck


M: Oh wait I’ve looked at that and it’s way more fitted than I want.

A: I like the Cuyana one better.

M: Me too

A: Everlane Crisis Averted.


  1. Just ordered the loden sweater, plus a few other things from Everlane. Thanks enablers!

    1. You're welcome! I bought it too, so I also enable myself.


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