Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prettttttty Laaaaaaaydeee.

A: I have been makeup shopping like a crazy person. I got hold of a Sephora code and bought the Urban Decay foundation brush all the kids are raving about and finally got the Naked 2 palette. My justification: I realized one of the eye shadows I've been using is easily seven years old.

my precious

M: Girl, you need new eye shadow! I forgot I had a gift card and just bought some stuff too.

A: Yay! I just looked at all my makeup and got so grossed out. I'm going to be throwing away a lot of shit. I'm just sad that Sephora wouldn't let me use the discount code and the fancy sample bag code. Jerks.

M: Sephora is code stingy. I got the fancy sample bag.

A: Ooh, which one?

M: The Classic.

A: That's the one I would've chosen. Good stuff.

M: I think so! I like samples.

A: I'm a sample whore.

M: I like them in theory and then rarely use them. I guess that's why I haven't gotten on board with Birchbox.

A: It's a questionable use of $10, but the last one I got was pretty good and I have used everything except the nail polish. I should probably give it to you.

M: You know I love nail polish.

A: I only love it when someone does it for me and so far nobody has shown up at my door and offered to put this polish on my nails. Total bullshit.

M: That is total BS. I got a shellac manicure before Disney and it's still going strong but I kind of want it gone now please. I need to buy the special polish remover.

A: I need a manicure but I'm so hard on on nails that it's not worth spending the money. They get so sad in the winter. All breaky and ragged.

M: I have to say, this shellac business is insane. I mean, it lasts forever. Almost 2 weeks and no chips, but the regrowth is bugging me. And I love that it dries instantly.

A: That is crazy! Is is hard on your nails? I kind of hate the way polish feels.

M: Well, if you don't remove it right, it's terrible on your nails. Last time I did it I peeled it off like an idiot and I had to grow out the damage. I think if you use the right polish remover it's fine. I hope! I could see it being really good if you have thins, brittle nails, because it's pretty thick. It takes getting used to but it really does look nice.

A: Nail polish makes my fingers feel heavy.

M: Delicate flower.

A: It just feels weird! And I'm lazy.

M: I hear that. BTW, I'm wearing that Fig Jam lip butter in the post today, the one I worried was too brown? I really like it. I'll do a drugstore makeup post this week.

A: Yeah, you look awesome in that photo! All glowy. I got a Pacifica lip tint hoping it would replace the Fresh Sugar stuff and no. The tube is really big, like, over-sized Lipsmackers big? I do not need to apply liptint to my entire face area, Pacifica.

I am huge.

M: Ha! I am picturing you with crazy lady lipstick. Pretttty laaaaady. Claire gave me some Bobbi under eye concealer and spot concealer and I have to say it's awesome.

A: Dammit Marianne.

M: The concealer is the Face Touch Up Stick and I think it might be magical? It matches my skin so perfectly that I have trouble seeing where it is, that's how well it covers zits and red spots.

I am awesome.


M: I'M SORRY. You aren't going to like this any better, the corrector?  You layer it under the creamy concealer?  And then dust with loose powder? And Adrien. PEOPLE ARE TELLING ME I LOOK GLOWY. AND RESTED. Neither of which is frankly true.

A: Actually, I've done the BB corrector/concealer and it looked really good, but creased on me. They all do.

M: Yeah, I have to touch it up mid-day. I don't think there exists in the world a concealer that actually works and doesn't crease. It's like either/or.

A: Oh, it creases on me in five minutes, but again, they all do. I actually have to pat down the creases before I leave the house. Sometimes I wait until I'm in the car. I'm weeping now.

M: No! Don't cry! Don't cry pretty lady. Just smear more lip goop all around your lips. There. Muuuch better.

A: Mean.

M: Really, it's a great look for you.

A: I hate you.

M: Shhhhhh. So pretty.

A: I'm leaving now.

M: Don't forget your lipstick! Byeeee!


  1. I love samples and just got the Classic bag, too. It's decent - there's a nice sized masacara and lip crayon, plus other fun things. I seriously just ordered stuff so I could get that little bag - but I had the same issue and needed a new eyeshadow brush, dammit. I'm kind of in love with the Stila eyeshadow palette that was in the sample... they might have fooled me into making a future purchase, those tricksters.

    As for gel nails, I hate that you have to go to a salon to get them taken off, because I am mega lazy, but I love how they don't chip. I read a trick online: soak a cotton pad with acetone, then place it over the nail and wrap with tinfoil. Repeat for all nails. Keep it on about 8 min, then take it off, and the gel will be soft enough to scrape off with your fingernail or a scrape-y tool. Still not great for your nails, but it prevents another trip to the nail salon.

  2. This post is right up my alley. I have so many feelings about samples and nail polish and lip gloss!
    The Fresh Sugar lip balms are too chunky for me! I love the tiny sample sizes though. Who are these giant-lipped ladies?
    I paid for a year of Birchbox all at once and I'm definitely not renewing it. I don't hate it, but I could probably just go spend $10 on the trial size items in Sephora's check out line bins and be much happier overall. Birchbox isn't customized enough to my skintone/color profile/whatever so even if I like the formulation of a lipstick they send, it's a gross color on me. The nail polish is usually one of the only things I do use. Go figure.

    1. Carly, the Pacifica lip balms are BIGGER than the Fresh Sugar. They are unreasonably big.

  3. You two crack me up!

    I get Birch Box and Sample Society. Thank God I stuff a friend's Christmas stocking every year, because I'm up to my clavicle in tiny little packets of shit I'll never use.

  4. I LOVE the Revlon Lip Butter. I use the Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum which look nothing like the color swatches on the link above.

  5. I LOVE a good shellac mani, but the regrowth was killing me, too. I have since discovered that getting a french shellac mani is the way to go... The regrowth is barely noticeable. Going on three and a half weeks now. Best $30 I've ever spent on a mani, for sure.

  6. Oh, man. I don't know whether to yell at you or thank you! I am a sucker for fancy samples and just bought a bunch of stuff at sephora so I could get the samples. I picked the "in the glow" one.

  7. I looove my Naked 2 palette. I am not really an eyeshadow person but even I have a lot of fun mixing shadows and creating looks. The Urbay Decay Naked foundation is amazing in case you are wondering.

    Thank you for the Bobbi Brown recommendation, I'm always on the hunt for a new concealer.

    1. Oh, that's so good to hear! I've wanted it for a while but wanted to wait for a discount code. I'm also very curious about the Naked foundation. I'll have to go get a sample.

  8. I second the Naked 2 palette purchase. Love it. That is all.