Tuesday, November 5, 2019

We Discuss: The Tyranny of Glossier Boy Brow.

M: I know you have Good Brows now but did you ever try Glossier Boy Brow before microblading?

A: No, but I want to. I’ve been using some rando brow gel I got in a box, but it’s pretty much done.

A: I also have Ka-Brow but it’s overkill so I save it for when I am feeling dramatic

M: Yeah I am wanting something more “casual” and I generally think Glossier is bullshit, BUT Tracee Ross used boybrow to give herself a Halloween mustache and it looks really good and realistic

A: People freaking love Boy Brow - the only complaint is that it’s really small

A: I still really like the Glossier cheek stuff I bought

M: Hm I may have to give it a try

A: You know what really works for brows but is much more expensive?

M: Do tell

A: Microblading

M: Dammit

A: Listen, there are days when I have no makeup on but think I look okay and it’s because my brows are Good.

M: Fair

A: You might just have to make two inconvenient trips to Richmond.

M: Sigh

M: So for now, brown or black?

A: I personally would go for brown

A: but you do you

M: Yeah I think so

A: Imma buy some too

A: We can do dueling reviews

M: I’m trying Lidstar too because what the hell

A: right on

M: I mean what could go wrong with green eyeshadow

A: seems legit

M: The taupe would have been safer but I have a ton of taupe eyeshadow so let’s live a little

A: Go for the fun one, absolutely

A: I am going to get the taupe, despite what I just said


M: So I tried Boy brow today and I feel like my eyebrows just look messy

M: But Lidstar is great

I really like the Lidstar too - just a pretty sheer wash of shimmery color that STAYS PUT

M: And the sample of cloud paint was good but the wrong color for me

A: I think that might be the thing with Boy Brow is that it gives you full, fluffy boy brows. But yeah, I don't love it either

M: Full I would be fine with, but it doesn’t really fill in the patchy areas and I felt like I had to keep adding to it and I don’t know if it works for me

A: Its fine for what I need but I don’t know that I’m super impressed

M: I might use it on the weekends when I want a little something

A: Ka-Brow is still the best

M: It is

A: I feel like I should come up with a better review of Boy Brow than “eh” but it’s really pretty basic.

M: I just don’t get it. It’s just a brow gel really. It doesn’t fill in anything

A: Are we being gaslighted?

M: I mean WTF

M: These people all have pretty good brows to start with

A: Truly

A: I will definitely use the Boy Brow but it doesn’t do much for the gaps

M: I just want ONE PRODUCT

A: ugh

A: Maybe try Gimme Brow again?

M: Ka-Brow works great I just still need a brow gel with it because my brows are unruly little bitches. Same with any pencil,

A: Ah, gotcha

A: PS. I hate whoever names the products at Benefit

M: heh

A: I feel like I get dumber every time I type them

M: Yeah they are all pretty stupid

M: I still have and use Ka-Brow, and I should just stop looking. It works great!

A: I get it but I am also always looking for Something Better

A: See also: concealers

M: I might return and get Cloud Paint

A: I love Cloud Paint!

M: I liked the sample I tried. Wrong color though. But I have a second color that I think will be good.

A: I have storm and beam

M: I need to check my colors

M: Dusk and dawn

M: Dawn is very pretty but on darker skin

A: Yeah, storm skews a bit more brown than I was expecting but I still like it - more flattering than bronzer!

A: And now I want haze

M: I am optimistic about dusk


A: If you're curious and want to try Glossier you can get 10% off your first order with my link. (Full disclosure: if you go through my link I will get a $10 credit and buy more shit to review.)


  1. I'm a big fan of NYX brow products. The powder brow is great and they have a dupe for Boy Brow.

  2. I love Gimme Brown and you can buy mini gimme now. Less of a commitment ya know.

    1. We’ve both used it before! I should try it again.

  3. The Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil by NYX is a keeper.

  4. I highly recommend MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. Less messy and more consistent than Boy Brow. Quiet brunette is my color but they have other good options too. 15% off at Nordstrom right now!


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