Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Outfit of The Day: Autumn Uniform

This happens every year - I figure out what things I really like and then wear them over and over again until it feels like a uniform. Like, these photos were taken last week but guess what I'm wearing today? Literally this exact outfit because I love it and want to run it right into the ground:

Hey, remember when I wasn't sure I was going to keep this Everlane sweater? HOW COULD I EVEN THINK THAT? It's so good you guys. I mean, I love all my Everlane cashmere but this loden color is just so perfect with everything. It's also warm and light and ugh. Go get one. Wear it into the ground. (Remember that you can hand wash cashmere!) I have my sights set on this heathered indigo sweater as my next purchase. We shall see. 

I am also wearing my new size-down pair of Madewell tencel jeans which I like to pretend are totally black work pants. I mean, you can barely tell they are jeans, right? I am also wearing my new Perfect belt from Madewell which is a good belt but would be more perfect if they'd included a second keeper loop for the flappy part. (I'm pretty sure that's the correct terminology.) Anyway, it's nice to have a belt and it pulls everything together and I am glad I bought it. I in no way wish I'd bought this tortoise print belt instead. Hush. Details: 

I am, as always, wearing jewelry that's long sold out. This is my Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (check out this one for a spendy similar and this one an different AV option) and my Giles & Brother fish hook pendant which I can't find anywhere, but this anchor pendant is pretty great. 

The Miu Miu bag is still hanging in there as a favorite. It's just so satisfying with the pebbly leather. For a similar vibe, this Donna Karan bag looks like pebbly goodness (those studs!) and this pebbled leather bag at TJ Maxx is a damn steal. I also like this Cole Haan bag, which looks like really good leather. My boots, incidentally, are Cole Haan Landsman, a sold out style, but if you're looking for Chelsea boots maybe check out this pair.

Of course I put my leather jacket on over all this and added my favorite Barbour scarf. Speaking of, there are some really nice Barbour scarves right now at Backcountry! Stay warm, y'all.