Friday, November 8, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Let's Stay Warm, Y'all.

And, just like that, it feels like winter outside. Sigh. In order to help keep us all from freezing to death, here are some lovely warm options to consider: 

Starting off strong with this amazing cashmere oversized wrap from J.Crew. It comes in a bunch of colors but I like the olive best because of course I do. 

Thes Madewell jeans are made of Insuluxe which means there's cashmere woven into the denim. 

Check out this Helly Hansen parka! It comes in dark purple and black but I really love the poppy red. 

Okay, this won't keep you warm but it will keep your face from having that awful tight feeling. 

TJ Maxx has some cute scarves right now! This is by Christian Siriano and it's cashmere. Duh.

Kate and I saw a lady trying these on at Nordstrom last week and we were both VERY into them. Bonus: they're waterproof! 

Who needs fleece-lined leggings? YOU need fleece lined leggings. We all do. 

I love a pom-pom hat but I didn't realize that what I really need is a pom-pom BERET. Yep. 

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