Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Oh, This Old Thing?

 Do you ever throw on some clothes and then walk by a mirror and think, "oh, this looks pretty good!" I did that last weekend and decided it would make a good outfit post. I wore it all again today and realized that nearly everything I'm wearing is secondhand. Go me! It makes me happy that I'm successfully changing my ways and now a decent chunk of my current wardrobe is thrifted or purchased on Poshmark. I'm practically an eco saint over here. Or something. Anyway:

Okay, so I didn't promise it would be a glamour lewk or anything. This is just my usual work-from-home jam. The top is Lou & Grey and it's thrifted. I don't know that it's super flattering but I loved the color and the floaty goodness of it. There are a bunch of these available on Posh but if that's not your thing, this tee looks like a good substitute

I'm usually freezing so I added this cardigan which was a very nice gift from my friend Nina! It's an old J.Crew cashmere cardigan (circa 2011) that she passed on to me and I love it so much. So soft and warm! The perfect cozy work-from-home option. For something similar, this one is a dead ringer for my cardigan and this one is a bit more drape-y and looks nice and I love this ombre cardigan as well. Your cheap and cheerful option is here

Sometimes you just gotta admire your clogs, you know? I'll talk about those in a minute but first, my jeans. These old Madewell Boyjeans have been THE BEST. I wear them an obnoxious amount and they just get better. I definitely suggest seeking out a secondhand pair! (But get measurements - they can run big.) I prefer the mid rise style but the high rise version is super popular. Madewell just really does this style amazingly well. 

I'm still carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody more than any other bag and I'm still really digging my Madewell camera strap as well. (Y'ALL. Check out this Kule strap! Ahhh!) Now, details:

I'm wearing one of my Twist Style necklaces, made by my friend Maryellen. Her jewelry is really pretty and wearable! Definitely check her out. (And just to be clear - I purchased this with my own money! This is not a sponsored item,  I just really like her stuff. Support your creative friends!) 

Finally, my clogs. I have never been hugely into clogs but Birkenstocks are a slipperly slope to Clogtown and that's where I live now. I got these Sanita professional clogs at my favorite thrift store ($4!) and they're great. Super well-made and clompy AF. I mostly wear them around the house and now declare them perfect quarantine shoes. The end. 


  1. I recently was thinking about that Lo & Sons Pearl bc I LOVE my Seville Tote sooo much for work (and it's languishing because, well, COVID). Can you give a tour of the Pearl bag? :-)

    1. Hey! The Lo & Sons site has a pretty nice little video that shows all the pockets but I can certainly do a mini review soon. It fits quite a lot and has excellent security with dual zipper compartments.

  2. I super love a post with thrifted finds. I read a book about the secondhand economy, and ever since then I've been making an effort to choose thrifted over new. I've only had a few duds, and I have much nicer brands hanging in my closet. It does kind of feel like I'm justifying my excessive pandemic feels shopping, but I''m ignoring that part. lol

  3. The slippery slope to Clogtown made me snort out loud :)