Monday, October 26, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Want To): J.Crew on Sale.

J.Crew is having a...pre... Black Friday sale(?) which is weird, but whatever. Really it just means that current things are 50% off right now, not just bathing suits and shorts. It's a good sale! Here are some things I'd love to purchase (and one that I already did):

This tie-neck tiered dress in leopard crinkle chiffon is slightly more ruffle-y that I would typically go for but something about it is so witchy and good. This dress is a power move, y'all. 

Why, yes. I am going to suggest you need a little red bag. The Devon camera bag is a great little crossbody and you can replace the strap which makes it more fun. 

Ahem. This Snake-embossed leather bag strap is what they suggest for funning up this already cute bag and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

I am not a turtleneck fan but something about this cozy turtleneck in vintage cotton terry is really appealing. It's a turtleneck/sweatshirt hybrid and I am here for it. 

Speaking of cozy, these waffle joggers get great reviews and I can see myself living in these...which could be problematic. 

Ugh. Okay, I don't really need a serious winter coat but this Chateau parka  is KILLING ME in the bright red. It comes in a bunch of other great colors but the red is just so perfect. Ugh ugh ugh. 

Oooh, clogs. Something about these Leather clogs with the gold studs? Love. They also come in black but I'm trying to branch out and consider other neutrals. 

Okay, so this Lock-and-key necklace set is technically back-ordered but I had to include it because it's really freaking good. I love charms and layered necklaces and keys and this chain and that little lock! I just really like it, okay? Sheesh.

WHO WANTS TO BE A MUPPET? ME, THAT'S WHO. I'm  not sure why this Teddy sherpa topcoat in leopard makes me want to yell but dammit, I really love this coat. 

If you're not into sweatshirt turtlenecks perhaps this oversized cashmere wrap is more your thing? It's DEFINITELY my thing. Who wouldn't want to be all chic and swaddled up in cashmere?

What, you thought I wouldn't make you want some boots? These Crepe-sole Chelsea boots are just the thing for looking cool and not falling on your ass when it's a little icy out. 

Hi! It's me, the Lightweight utility jacket from a few weeks ago and I'm now 50%! (Note: I, erm, failed to return this coat so yeah. It's a keeper.) 

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  1. Dang, there are some really good picks in here.. I am esp loving the clogs, the turtleneck, and the layered necklace. I would be completely sold if it were silver. Why does it seem like silver costume jewelry is always harder to find than gold (maybe even more so lately)??


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