Wednesday, October 21, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): What's Up, TJ Maxx?

 I haven't trolled the TJ Maxx website for bargains in such a long time! I started looking and then remembered why - there's SO MUCH STUFF and you can't search by brand. Ugh. But I powered through and found some really good things for really good prices and I basically want all of it. Oops. Anyway, take a look:

I immediately clicked on this balloon sleeved cuteness and was not at all surprised it was by French Connection, maker of my favorite red sweater from last year. 

This necklace is by Shashi and I just thought it was really cute. Something about little clusters of charms has always appealed to me. 

I think we're all going to be spending a lot of time this winter in our gin cardigans so it might as well be Vince and a cashmere blend, right? 

These Frame jeans are such a nice skinny-jean-alternative! They look very current and are perfect to
wear with booties. 

I am historically Not Into Overalls but Marianne looks so cute in her pair and this pair (also Frame) Is really similar in cut. 

I've been dying for a paperclip chain and this one also has a labradorite pendant! All my favorites! 

I'm not going to stop until everyone has a leather jacket. I like that this one isn't super cropped. 

This also appeals to me in that paperclip way and it's from Allsaints! 

Oh, hey, just a cute af Minkoff crossbody that's under $60. It comes in tan as well for even less.

Now I'm going to be practical for a second with this well-priced The North Face rain jacket. It's not fashion, but it'll keep you dry. 

On the other hand, with this adorable Chelsea rain boot you can be dry AND fashion! How cute are the  little gold buckles?

If you're weary of carrying your little crossbody all the time, maybe what you need is a bright red leather satchel? I'm just saying. Like, maybe what we all need right now is a cheerful, structured red bag. I'll bet you could fit a whole bottle of gin in that thing...

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