Thursday, October 29, 2020

Stuff I Like: Creepy/Cozy Edition.

It's currently dark and pouring rain out but here I am, still trying to get with the hygge and lean into fall. I AM TRYING, OKAY. I mean, yes, Halloween is fun and I am still mad about missing a lot of the John Derian collection at Target (seriously - if anyone can find me those eye coasters you will be handsomely rewarded) but I've got a few other creepy and/or cozy suggestions for you:

This Show That Isn't Only About Chess
If you've scrolled past The Queen's Gambit on Netflix because you don't care about chess, go back and watch it. I'm about halfway through and I love it so much. It's dark and unexpected and deeply weird. Plus, it's visually stunning and the mid-century costumes and sets are amazing. If you want a show to really fall into, this is it. Go get a mug of Marianne's favorite fancy tea and settle in. 

One Hoodie To Rule Them All
I've talked about this before but it bears repeating:  this pile-lined hoodie from Uniqlo is THE BEST. I'm wearing it right this second, in fact. It's warm and cozy and has held up through repeated washings. I also love these sweatpants (I have two pairs) and they're still my favorite cozy lounge wear. Both of these things will go on sale but are honestly worth full price. 

Can You Handle One More Candle?
The last time I went to Target I grabbed this Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine candle and it's pretty great. It smells like Christmas trees in the best, cleanest way. Pine with a touch of clove and cedar? What could be better. I like to burn this along with one of my warm-spice/firewood scented candles to get the full hygge effect. 


  1. I saw the John Derian eye coasters on Poshmark. They may also be on Ebay and Mercari.

  2. I just finished The Searcher last week and I have to say I think it's one of her weaker novels! (I still LOVED it.) I did really enjoy the main character though. 8/10 would recommend!

    1. Definitely not her best, but I liked it so much more than a couple of her more recent books.


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