Thursday, March 12, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Everything Is Terrible.

Hi there! Is your face like this all the time lately? 😬Or maybe like this? 🤯Me too. Everything is terrible right now and I don't even know what to say about it. But, we all still gotta get dressed, right? So here's an outfit in which I grin and bear it and try to get a little joy out of my things:

From the top, I'm wearing my linen Tahari tee that I bought in Knoxville when visiting Marianne. It's great because it's a NICE t-shirt but still a comfy t-shirt. (A t-shirt you can't put in the dryer and that requires ironing but whatever.) I can't find this exact color online but this one at TJ Maxx is really similar and this one from the Gap doesn't look bad either. Everlane also has a linen tee that I might have to try this summer. 

I threw on my Design History leopard cardigan because it's the thing that makes an outfit out of nothing, you know? It's FUN. (It's also only available in a small, unfortunately. But fit advice: a small is what I'm wearing. It runs a bit big.) For another option, this Madewell leopard cardigan (also here) looks equally cozy and I love this mixed-print cardigan at Shopbop. 

Now, lets' talk about my leggings/pants. Blog reader Jen D recently sang the praises of these Athleta Headlands Hybrid tights (which was then backed up by another reader) so I had to try them. I'm wearing the cargo version and Y'ALL. These are basically the leggings of my dreams. They have more substantial material on the front and stretchy legging material on the back and they are super comfortable and cute and sturdy enough to pass as pants. I wore them two days running this week which is a good sign. Here's a close-up: 

The cargo pocket detail is pretty subtle and doesn't add bulk, it just makes these feel more like real pants and less like leggings. I have a pair of the moto version (via eBay) on the way because I've been stress-shopping for the trip I probably won't be taking. 😬😬😬 Now, on to details: 

I can't help but wearing my beautiful Dean Davison labradorite tassel with this top because it brings all the nice green fire out of the stones. This is the more current version if you're tempted. 

I'm going to skip right over my bag for a second to talk about these shoes. I found these brand-new Vince Zeta loafers at the thrift store in my size for $6.99. I've worn them three days running because they are SO MY THING AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They're weird and badass looking and the leather is soft as butter. I am just over the moon. This kind of thing rarely happens to me but the thrift gods were looking out for me that day. I can't find much that's similar, but the suede version is on sale at NR, if you're tempted. 

My bag is obviously my Miu Miu bag which is sold out and so is the Cole Haan bag that looked just like it. I don't know, you guys. Maybe this Kate Spade bag

Anyway, that's all for today. Deep breaths, everyone. 


  1. I am sorry about your trip, I hope life returns back to (maybe a new) normal soon.