Monday, March 9, 2020

Shopping Report: Athleta and Madewell.

Last weekend Kate and I went to Athleta because they're doing a Friends and Family deal and we also stopped by Madewell because it's right next door and why not? First, Madewell:

Spoiler: I didn't buy anything. Kate was returning a few things and wanted to try on jeans so I poked around and touched everything and tried on the stovepipe jeans (cute, but not for me) but didn't buy a single thing, which is amazing for me. I did see a few things I thought were really good:

These earrings are so pretty IRL and 20% off right now which makes them very, very tempting. I also spent some time patting these leopard mules

They're basically the spring version of my boots! Very, very cute. Ugh, so cute. I also eyeballed this denim jacket:

But y'all, it's literally called the Boxy-Crop and I'm sure it's wicked cute on the right person, but that person probably ain't me. What might be more interesting:

Right? This would be a great work-appropriate cardigan alternative/ It's so cute but also looks really comfortable. Plus, big pockets for your Chapstick and phone! (Just me?)

Moving on to Athleta:

I was very interested in trying on the Headlands Hybrid Moto Tight which they did not have, despite the website saying otherwise. Instead, I tried on everything else in the store. It got... intense. A lot of the stuff I tried on didn't work for me for one reason or another including the very, very cute snakeskin print leggings (in blue) which I loved, but not on me. However, I also tried on the Salutation Stash Pocket II Gravel 7/8 Tight which are amazing:

Deliciously high-waisted with good compression and those side pockets that I now can't live without. I also loved the weird blue print. Did I want them? Yes, of course. Did I buy them? No, I did not. Technically I don't neeeeed them but the F and F discount is good through today. (Unfortunately I can't share it - they're stingy and send one-use codes.) I did however, need a new workout tank because mine are looking pretty shabby. I tried on a bunch and then found the Ultimate Train Tank:

It's beautifully cut with a high neck (which I love) and just floats down the body. It's not super long and it doesn't cling anywhere. Perfection. I did buy one of these and if it performs well, I'll get more. And that's pretty much it. TL;DR: I bought a plain black tank top. The End. 


  1. I too thought the snakeskin tights were cute but I did not love them. I did purchase the cool denim jacket with hoodie liner. And then texted my daughter and she wanted one so had to get another. At least I get to keep mine vs ending up at her college place lol.


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