Tuesday, March 10, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): It's Trench Coat Season.

The best trench coat I've ever owned (and I still own it even if it doesn't currently fit me) is by Banana Republic:

It's the MOST classic and best-fitting for the price point, especially when it's 40% off, which it is right now. (Also, a grain of salt because the one I own was purchased ten (!) years ago and who knows anymore with BR.) Anyway here are a bunch of cute trench coats for your consideration because damn, I love a trench coat and I wish mine fit me:


  1. Literally wearing my brand spanking new hooded Halogen trench today - on sale:


  2. I love a trench, but that color of beige makes me look dead. Hence my owning one in grass green and one in hot pink. I still regret not buying the snake print trench I saw at Nordstrom last year.