Monday, March 2, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Anthropologie Fresh Sale Cuts.

Ugh, Anthropologie. Why can't I quit you? They've just added a bunch of new stuff to the sale section and are giving an extra 25% off  on top of that (discount in cart.) There are some really good options for spring: 

This cute dress has the lightness you want for spring, but also sleeves so you don't freeze. 

These are Frye and they are UNDER $60! SERIOUSLY. (WEEPING.)

I love all the sweet charm necklaces that I'm seeing lately! This one comes in three versions. 

Are you ready to get on board the clog train? Marianne welcomes you with open arms. 

Cloth and Stone does the prettiest plaids. This could work well into spring. 

Sweet tiny hugger hoops are just the thing, right? 

I love a skinny cargo pant and these look like they might be worth checking out.

Always a gin cardigan because why not. 

This is SO RED and a love it. Power color! 

Okay, my favorite lunch box isn't part of the sale but it's temporarily marked down! 
I swear it's worth the money. Just the best. 

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