Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stuff We Like: Podcasts.

Hey, home-bound friends! We had a request for some podcast recs so here is a giant list of what we're listening to lately. Feel free to leave a rec for us in the comments! 

Adrien's Picks:

Some of my recs are new but most of these have been posted on Stuff I Like at some point. I just figured it would be nice to have them all in one place. (I left out a few that I previously recommended because I stopped listening for...reasons.) 

Were You Raised By Wolves?: This is an etiquette podcast and it's highly entertaining. The hosts discuss various etiquette topics and also answer listener questions. It's informative but also really fun.

Everything is Fine: I talked about this new podcast for women over 40 a few days ago but y'all, it's really good. This week's episode is about anger, which I think most of us can relate to, yes?

This Is Joy & Claire: I've been listening to this one for years! It was formerly called Girls Gone WOD but it's strayed so far from its Crossfit roots that they recently rebranded. It's two friends talking about all kinds of life topics - mental health, wellness, marriage, parenting, etc. A true girlfriend's conversation. I really like them both and tend to listen to this one immediately when it's released each week.

Love It or Leave It: I got real tired of the Pod Save The World bromance but Jon Lovett's spinoff is still a good time. He works hard to have a diverse panel each week and it's really funny.

Fat Mascara: Okay, this one has become a hate-listen for me. I loved it in the beginning but popularity and sponsorship has made it feel inauthentic. HOWEVER, they still have interesting guests so depending on who they're interviewing, I will tune in. I enjoyed the Caroline Hirons episode quite a bit and was joyfully enraged by the Barbara Sturm episode because SHE IS FULL OF SHIT. Okay, there. I said it. Serums should not cost hundreds of dollars and her "science" is suspect. As a counter-point, I started listening to the Beauty Brains but they're such incredible wonder-killers that I just gave up.

Up First: NPR's early morning news podcast. It covers "the biggest stories and ideas - from politics to pop culture - in 10 minutes." I usually listen to it while I'm getting ready for work because it's just enough information without being overwhelmed with commentary.

Shedunnit: This is a podcast by Caroline Crampton (of SRSLY, my favorite defunct pop culture podcast) and bills itself as, “the podcast that unravels the mysteries behind classic detective stories." I like class detective mysteries but it doesn't matter if you aren't! She tells great stories, often about real-life cases that inspired mystery writers and it's, as the title suggests, very women-centric. A well-researched and comforting listen that I highly recommend.

LeVar Burton Reads: This is literally a podcast in which LeVar Burton reads you short stories in his soothing LeVar Burton voice. It's good stuff and if you were a fan of Reading Rainbow you will definitely enjoy this podcast. My favorite story so far is Chivalry by Neil Gaiman (from his book Smoke and Mirrors), which I highly recommend. Feeling stressed? Let LeVar read to you. I promise you'll feel better.

Articles of Interest: The 99% Invisible podcast created Articles of Interest, a six part series about all the different aspects of clothing. My favorite episodes are Pockets (a feminist issue!) and Punk Style. Just a really good series about the history and meaning of clothing.

The Cut on Tuesdays: A podcast by women, about women. Unfortunately they stopped making new episodes but it's still relevant and I love their How ____ Gets It Done series. (I suggest the Amy Sherald episode!) Also, it never fails to crack me up when they close with, "See you next Tuesday!"

The Penguin Podcast: This one is so great, you guys. Really interesting interviews with writers and in the earlier ones the interviewer is Richard E. Grant who I adore. I highly recommend the Kate Atkinson episode and Neil Gaiman is always a good time. Oh! And definitely listen to the Emma Kennedy episode too. Hilarious.

Marianne's Picks: 

Thirst Aid Kit: At first glance this podcast is fairly silly, which is fine! Who doesn’t want to curl up with two hilariously smart women and talk about cute boys. But once you listen to a few, you realize that Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins are giving a cutting commentary on the power of the female gaze.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: This is hardly a little-known pick, but damn I just love it. Sometimes I find Conan to be a bit much, but his guests and staff are usually right there with me and reel things back in. Listen to the latest quarantine episode! It seriously made me LOL.

Armchair Expert: I know this is polarizing, I feel like people either love or hate this one. Once I stopped trying to listen to ALL of them, I got back into it. If you aren’t into Dax, check out the Monica and Jess Love Boys spin-off. It seems like a fluffy podcast between friends but quickly dives deep into topics like intimacy, addiction, and fear.

Bon Appetit Foodcast: I dip in and out of this one depending on the host and topic. I like that they are short and some of the BA folks are just so charming. It supports their magazine and YouTube channel, so if you like those and want more, check it out.

Mobituaries: This only gets a brief mention because I haven’t really started listening to it yet! I’ve only started the Audrey Hepburn episode. But the premise is great—Mo Rocca doing celebrity and historical obituaries in all his Mo Rocca-ness.

The Thing About Pam: I used to be more into True Crime but now there are SO MANY great podcasts that I decided I didn’t really want all that murder in my ears for a while. Maybe I’ll go back? However, I really loved this short, excellently produced story. Keith Morrison is so cheesy and really keep the story moving at a lively pace.

The Dream: Pretty sure we’ve talked about this one before, but it’s still great!


  1. Again With This, in which two women recap every single episode of Beverly Hills 90210. It was probably my favorite discovery of 2019.

    (Fun fact: It's actually Sars and Wing Chung from Hissyfit!)

    1. It takes a couple to get going but when it does, it is 100% hysterical.

  2. Wild Thing, a deep dive into the weird world of Sasquatch; Ologies, a delightful podcast in which a delightful human asks smart people stupid questions; Dolly Parton's America, about, well, Dolly's Parton's America; first season of The Dream about MLMs; My Dad Wrote a Porno, in which a beleaguered British fellow reads the porn his dad wrote (trust me it's hilarious but DEF not family friendly); Nice Try! Utopian; You're Wrong About, in which certain national misunderstandings are cleared up.

    1. Oh, I posted about Dolly Parton's America recently! I meant to include it but thanks for doing it for me! It's delightful.

  3. I like Call Your Girldfirend though sometimes it skews a little young (they are in their 30s)

    1. I listened to it for a while but I think you're right - it's skewed for a younger audience. Still a good one, though!

  4. I really like the Popcast. I became a patron, and I've never done that. They have really cheered me up the past few months.

    The Thing About Pam is worth listening to for no other reason than hearing Keith say "ohhh dear".


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