Monday, March 16, 2020

BUY THIS: Sometimes You Just Need To Buy A Lipstick.

When things are grim, I find that a small purchase (online, of course) of something frivolous makes me feel better. Am I wearing lipstick as I work from home alone? Goddamn right I am. 

Now, I don't know if you guys are listening to the new podcast Everything is Fine by Kim France and Tally Abecassis, but you should be! It's a podcast for women over 40 and so far they've been knocking it out of the park. The most recently episode featured Jean Godfrey-June (former beauty editor of Lucky, currently beauty director of Goop) and she talks about her favorite "clean" products. I have opinions about the clean beauty movement that don't necessarily align with Jean's but I still basically wanted to buy everything she recommended. I only bought one thing - Kosas Rosewater lipstick:

It sounded like a perfect pink-nude, something I've never been able to find. Nude lipsticks tend to look chalky and corpse-like on me which is not a look I'm going for. Anyway, it arrived and I looked at it and was like, ugh, not again. But then I put it on:

You guys. I have found my pink-nude lipstick! It's so nice and I am guessing would look good on a lot of people. I've also tried the trick June suggested and put it on my cheeks and that looks nice too. This lipstick is lovely - smooth, well-pigmented, and has satisfying packaging with a secure magnetic closure I appreciate very much. 

ALSO, Sephora currently has a beauty offer for a free trial size of the Kosas Rosewater with code BETTERCLEAN (with a $25 purchase on the site) so if you're not sure about the color, order some stuff you need and get a free sample of it!


  1. It is without a doubt my fav lipstick of all time.

  2. Recently found that Podcast and have added it to my regular listens. Great shout out!
    Do you have other podcast recommendations? Thanks!!

  3. Of course! I’ve mentioned a few in my “stuff I like” posts, but might be time for a “podcasts I like” post.

  4. Thanks for suggesting that people order stuff. There were WAY too many people at the mall today (and yes, I was judging them for it). Signed- anon retail worker

  5. That shade looks beautiful!
    I have similar colouring to you and have fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lipstick (original shade).

  6. Ha! I made a "cheer myself up" Sephora purchase today and added this lipstick trial size with the code on a whim. Then I saw this! I'm ahead of the curve! (But not ahead of the curve we want to flatten, I feel we are all behind that curve.)

  7. I love this makeup artist's stance on clean makeup ...