Tuesday, March 17, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Am): A Little More Stress Shopping.

How're y'all doing? This is just a wild time, isn't it? I am lucky enough to be able to work from home but things are still weird and stressful and isolating. Marianne and I are working on a list of our favorite podcasts for you guys but in the meantime I am trying so hard not to give into my online stress shopping inclinations. And I am failing so hard. Like, remember these:

These Lulu Frost studs are now $15! They are still $60 over at Last Call. Did I need these earrings? Not really but I was pleased to snap them up at $15, because even with shipping it's a bargain. I was also tempted by these cheap-and-cheeful earrings which come in four colors:

I did not buy them but aren't they fun? I took a quick look through the clearance bags and found (but did not buy) this really cute lady bag crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff: 

It's Saffiano leather and it's $38! You can also see it here at NR in a nice blue but it's not quite such a bargain. You could also go a different direction and get the big bottle of some super fancy L'Occitane lotion:

This size retails for $65 but it's $32 on the TJ Maxx site so you are basically a frugal super-saver with your Immortelle Divine Lotion purchase. Heh. I'm the worst. 


  1. TJ Maxx is past due for free shipping! There are a couple Pratesi bags on crazy clearance but it's hard for me to justify $9 shipping on a $36 purse.

    1. AGREE. I’d been holding out on ordering the earrings, hoping for free shipping. When they hit $15, I was afraid to keep waiting!


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