Thursday, March 5, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: A Mix of Patterns

I dig animal prints and graphic prints and I just like prints, okay? They're fun. Here's a pretty typical weekend outfit with some aggressive print mixing:

I'm wearing a very, very old version of Everlane's cashmere v-neck sweater and, amazingly, it still fits me. It's pretty beat up but so comfy that I can't quit it. I definitely think Everlane has good cashmere at a very good price point. Now, if they would just make a long-sleeve version of their cotton v-neck tee, I might stop calling them a bad boyfriend. Maybe. 

Literally everything else on my body is from Madewell which was not intentional! They just do a good job with certain things. The jeans I'm wearing are my beloved mid-rise skinny jeans with Tencel, which are the very best basic skinny jeans ever. (I am also into this button crop pair but I have enough jeans! I. have. enough. jeans.) They don't bag out, they don't slide down, they fit like a second skin and never disappoint me. The same cannot be said about the weather:

It was cold and windy last weekend so I put on my North Face puffer (a solid purchase) and made it less basic with a really great python print scarf I got for my birthday. I can't find it online but it's very similar to this one and I also really love this one which is less of a winter scarf. So, now I'm wearing leopard, python and a graphic print from my bag strap. It's a lot, but who cares. On to details: 

I've been doubling up on the necklaces a lot lately - this is my old Argento Vivo labradorite pendant (this one is similar) and an even older Giles and Brother fish hook pendant (newer silver version here.) 

Ah, here's the good stuff. I've been very much enjoying my new little Madewell Transport Camera bag but will admit that it's 90% because of the cool strap. (Also, there's a snakeskin version!) It's not an everyday bag for me but it's perfect for weekends and travel. My boots are also Madewell (surprise) and y'all, they are just so cool. They're the Regan boot in leopard and I am so glad I bought them! Wait for a good sale and then snap them up. You won't regret it. 


  1. The Regan boot is on major sale now and I'm eyeing them. How is the fit -- narrow in toe box? Should I go a half-size up? I got the Sorels on your/Marianne's recommendation and followed your advice to go up half a size and they're perfect. Thanks for being my personal shopper. Also eyeing the camera bag but I have so many bags ... but with thin straps not thick ones ...

    1. I went with my regular size and they are slightly narrow, so if you have a wider foot you might do better a half size up? Hard to say. And if it's just the fun strap you're into and you have a bag it would work with, just buy the strap!

    2. Thanks for the fast reply! I'll ponder. And I hope you and yours are well during this scary time.