Monday, March 30, 2020

We Discuss: Need, Want, NOPE.

M: Oh damn I LOVE these in the brandy color:

A: Ooh! Those are so pretty

M: Dang

A: I have enough Birkenstocks but I always want more

M: The limit does not exist

A: Lo&Sons is also having a great sale which is killing me

A: Even though I don’t need a thing

M: Don’t need no bag to go nowhere

A: Nope, but 40% off plus 15% off everything (code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS)



A: I know

A: But for why

A: I have two Hanover backpacks already

M: Yeah not even looking. But shoes! Always shoes

A: Absolutely

M: Also tempted by these Madrids, because I only have that style in the EVA version but like them a lot:

A: Oh, dang, I like those too.

M: Cute, right?

M: To wear NOWHERE I need to save my money for I don’t know what

A: I knooooowwww

M: It sucks

A: But, if there’s a color you really love, consider buying it because they will sell out and never show up again (I have learned.)

A: Sorry, End Enabling

M: Yeah that’s my fear

M: Seems like Anthro has some good stuff

M: But haven’t checked to see if it’s exclusive

A: They aren’t!

M: Good to know

A: I had a pair of Madrid years ago that I stole from my mom and totally loved them

A: But, the Eva version didn’t work for me

M: It’s a great style

M: That I feel like I lack 😂

A: Well, now I want them too so thanks

M: Happy to oblige


A: Please talk me out of these terrible pants:

M: Adrien

M: You are calling them terrible

M: Because they are

A: Thank you

A: I have sale blindness

M: They look like something No Doubt era Gwen Stefani would wear with a wife beater tank

A: Hahahahaha

A: I liked No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani

A: which should surprise no one

M: Sure, but do you want to dress like that NOW

A: Who will even see me?

M: Adrien


M: I’m glad we had this talk

A: You are a good friend


A: This just in: Everlane is garbage


A: Some of their part time workers tried to create a union in December and they were all fired under the guise of Coronavirus layoffs

M: What absolute trash

A: Fuck these assholes

M: Done forever

A: They are getting raked over the coals on social media


M: Good

M: Like so many people, when they started making real money their ideals flew out the window

A: They are worse than fast fashion b/c they pretend to be all transparent

M: Exactly

A: I’m glad that Madewell is now fulfilling my t-shirt needs

M: Oh, me too!


  1. Umm, I like those pants, but then I am a fool for a side stripe. And I have Athleta pants that are ten years old and still look fabulous.

    1. Listen, I like them too or I wouldn’t have been considering buying them! I dig the side stripe.

  2. I also like those pants! And in fact ordered them in the other colorway!

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  4. Ugh I totally drank the Everlane kool-aid and so much of my wardrobe is from them and I had convinced myself it was "better" than buying from Madewell or others. But I guess those prices were too good to be true. Looks like I won't buy another pair, but their high-rise stretch skinny jeans are pretty much my all time favorites - plenty of room for my thighs but still fit in the waist and comfortable enough that I've been wearing them to work from home instead of sweatpants.

  5. Okay I officially think you suck... lol I pulled the trigger on a Lo & Sons shell for my Seville Tote. That extra 15% pushed me over the edge...

  6. I have big buckle Madrids and they are my absolute favorite pair of Birks ever. GET THEM. (And I have a lot of Birks. Like 9 pairs. Ooof)

    1. Does the buckle hit your foot when you walk? And do they fit like your other Birks? I HAVE QUESTIONS.

    2. No, the buckle doesn't hit and yes, the fit is the same. I have the black ones with the black leather insole (not suede) and that is the best part - it's pre-blackened in the footbed ;) They fit better than the regular Madrids with the narrower strap which I feel like show too much toe cleavage. Get them in the narrow.

    3. They ARE total man-repellers tho. Just sayin

  7. So disappointed in Everlane. As a Canadian, I was late to the Everlane party, but now am hooked. No more. Done with them.
    (I'll miss the DayGlove shoes most of all).

    1. I'm gonna wear my Day Glove flats until they die and then I'll have to find a similar pair elsewhere! Such a shame.