Wednesday, March 25, 2020

WFH Outfit of the Day: About What You'd Expect.

Okay, before I start can I just say how great y'all are? The comments yesterday completely made my day. Every single one of you is my favorite right now, so THANK YOU. We shall continue on with a focus on where we are right now. For example: here's what I'm wearing at home:

Yeaahhhh. I didn't promise it would be exciting so this is what it is. I am wearing my sad old David Bowie sweatshirt that I will wear until it falls off me. It's by Daydreamer who makes lots of cool (and overpriced) band tees. This Bowie tee by Lucky Brand has a very similar vibe (oops, bought it) and this amazing Athleta sweatshirt is not Daydreamer or Bowie but I own it and it's SO soft and is 25% off. I wore it in a Zoom meeting yesterday so it's also totally work-appropriate. Heh. Now, my pants:

These are the Headland Hybrid Moto Tights from Athleta (25% off everything right now!) and I've been switching back and forth between these and the cargo version pretty much every day. They have more substantial material on the front and the back is stretchy yoga-tights action. I LOVE THEM. So comfy but also cute and look like real pants, kinda? Highly recommend for a WFH situation in which you want to feel like you're wearing real clothes but also want to be comfortable. My sneakers are by York Athletics and they're pretty cool but I still look like a dork in sneakers. I don't know how people do it. 

Yeah, sorry, I couldn't take it and tried this outfit with my Cole Haan Chelsea boots and OMG IT IS SO MUCH BETTER. I'm also fake-carrying my new Madewell camera bag which barely got to see the light of day before the lockdown. Poor little bag, maybe I'll use it to carry around my secret work snacks*.  Details: 

Look how sad this sweatshirt is! Poor thing. My little wings necklace is by My Precious Studio and my long pendant is from Pyrrha Jewelry. I'm also wearing thin silver wire earrings that are hard to see, but they're similar to this pair. 

Look at that snack-holder! So cute. I am hoping it'll become my best summer bag. One day. 

*If you're not hiding your WFH snacks from your spouse or children you are doing it wrong, fam.


  1. Please share snack recommendations! But, you know, not the actual snacks... Those are all you. The pants are terrific and I don't think that sweatshirt is as bad as you think it is??

  2. You know, I feel the same about sneakers (in Canada we call them "running shoes"). Except when I saw your first photo, I thought "See, why can't I look cool like her in running shoes?!"

    So really, it's just your own perception. You actually look quite cool in running shoes, you just have to start believing it.

    Now I'm gonna convince myself.

  3. I am frankly afraid to get into my stretch pants, as my work clothes (fairly casual versions) remind me that I can't have a piece of cake after every meal. I get in a lot of steps at my job, and other than yesterday, it has been very chilly and damp in Chicagoland. A long way to say I am still putting regular, and different clothes every day. But no makeup!


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