Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We Discuss: Jackets, Everyone, Travel.

M: My friend Elizabeth convinced me to order her favorite faux leather jacket last night, what could go wrong

A: Hmm. I need to see, pls

M:  This one:

A: Oh, that is SO cute!

M: She and another friend both have it and it’s VERY cute on them

M: And I really want one but feel like they don’t look good on me because I have hangups about short jackets

M: But I’ll try for $100

M: It has very good reviews

A: Definitely give it a try


M: The leather jacket—like, I want to be that person but I am not certain I am:

M: And the Madewell jacket that's a rental:

A: Honestly, I like the leather jacket better on you!

M: The Madewell jacket (current version) is cute but kind of unnecessary

A: It’s cute but the leather.

M: I think for $98 I will keep the leather and try to make myself wear it.

M: The Madewell one is cuter in person but I have zero real need for it. I do like the color.

A: It’s cute but you have better jackets

M: I did try the leather jacket over a kind of dramatic floral maxi dress and I think it’s my outfit for the VIP dinner at this flower festival


M: You know what? I feel cute as shit:

M: But then I changed into a t-shirt because it’s going to be warm. The sweater was cuter but oh well

A: Adorable! That jacket is great on you

M: I still feel like I’m having to reprogram my brain to accept a short jacket

A: You just need to keep doing what you’re doing and try it on with everything

M: Yup

M: Making myself wear it

A: Its so good on you! Retrain your brain


A: Everyone just let me know that the wait is over - bodysuits are back.

M: Oh lord

A: EVERLANE. Damn autocorrect.

A: We should just start calling it Everyone

M: Hahaha yes

A: Everyone is a bad boyfriend

A: Everyone is SO BOXY

M: It works

A: Everyone is trying to make me buy ugly pants

M: hahahahaha

M: Fuck I forgot I need to return those bad jeans

M: They don’t give you a return label so I keep forgetting

M: Because they are JERKS


M: Their site is fucked up and I can't process the return

A: You might just need to email them or call. Ugh

M: I just emailed


A: Everyone is stupid

M: Though I am wearing their turtleneck with my overalls today and I like it!

A: Yay for finding overalls you like!

M: For a million dollars!

A: I mean, that is the risk

M: I am just going to end up buying them aren’t I

M: I will give Everyone credit, they immediately responded with a return label to print

A: And yes, you should probably buy the overalls

M: RTR, such a money saver

A: heh



A: HELLO, 911?

A: I hope you stole the entire set

M: I sure did and an extra lotion

A: Well done

A: Just FYI:

M: Ohhhhhh

A: I want to go to there

M: You should!


(To be continued!)

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