Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ten Years!

A: Marianne, we've been doing this for TEN YEARS

M: Wow!!

A: 2,872 blog entries

A: What's memorable?

M: Oh my god the Roy Roger jeggings saga!


A: That will make the best-of cut forever

M: God yes

A: Not A Soap

M: Yesssss

A: Cute boys!

M: Haunted Christmas ghost



M: Oh my gosh Camilla

M: If I had more time I would sift through that first year and ID the things I still have. Which is...not much

A: I have almost nothing from ten years ago

M: I have my Frye Lisa boots! That’s all I’ve spotted so far

A: I still have my cute BCBG dress and the red Ann Taylor skirt (that definitely doesn’t fit anymore.)

M: I still have that mustard yellow BR silk cocktail dress. It will never fit me again but maybe Lu will wear it one day

M: It’s funny the obsession with Frye and Chile Mihara!

A: Oh, I still have a few pairs of my Chies but I never wear them.

M: Aw

A: And I have my Frye Veronica boots which I also never wear

M: I sold mine

A: Erm, I sold yours

M: Hahaha right

M: They are no longer in my possession

M: So many cheap jersey dresses

A: Oh, I loved my shitty Target dresses

M: Oh gosh that Forever 21 dress we both had! Loved that damn thing

A: Oh, that was such a good dress!

M: It really was

A: I still have my BR trench in two colors. It does not fit.

M: Adrien! Hahaha

A: They’re nice!

M: But if they don’t fit

A: Only recently

M: Then again I get rid of too much and then miss things

M: So ignore me

A: Hahaaa. WTF

A: That dress!

M: Haaaa

A: Still have those Camper boots...never wear them

M: Oh my gosh you used to feed a squirrel peanuts. I forgot so much

A: A different life

A: Baby Lulu!

M: Ooh could talk about things we wish we still had? Which is also a very small list consisting of my orange mink off MAC really

A: I wish I still had a couple of my MJ bags and my Andrea Brueckner bag.

A: But mostly I outgrew a lot of stuff, style-wise (and literally)

M: Oh for sure

M: I don’t even think I would carry that bag but I have a soft spot for it

A: Same. I wish I'd saved a few of them.

A: Anyway, just so you know, there is nobody I'd rather be drinking gin in a ditch with but you.

AND TO YOU GUYS OUT THERE. We raise our gin glass to you! Thanks so much to you, our readers, both long-term and recent. I know a few of you have been with us since the beginning and that is just incredible. This blog (and our lives) have seen a lot of changes and y'all have been with us through it all. Thank you so much for making this fun.


  1. I bought that green leaf jersey dress! I think I finally donated it, but it definitely had a full life and served us well.

  2. I have been a long-time reader (just about from the beginning). Have you ever shared how you two met and became friends? I'd love to know!!

    1. Short version: We met through an online book club in the dark ages of the internet. :)

  3. I love this blog - thank you!

  4. Love this blog - and now follow you both on instagram too. I think I've been following maybe 7 years!

  5. Love this blog, and both of you! I always send your convos to my friend and say "they are us!" Thanks for everything! Also, I miss cute boys.

  6. I've only been reading for five years, and I remember thinking, "Wow, they really like those Chie Mihara clogs!" You also introduced me to drunk "moddels". I have been delighted with you ever since.

  7. Congrats on 10 years! I don't remember how long I've been reading. Definitely before the Anthroholic scandal. I found yours through Effortless, and then gradually lost interest in that blog. Or maybe it wasn't so gradual...
    Still love yours. Sometimes I miss a few and then I get to catch up.

  8. You two are treasures. Thanks for sharing your friendship with us!

  9. I *think* I’ve been here since the beginning, or pretty darn close anyway. Y’all styled me once, which was fun. I have loved seeing your personal styles evolve over the years.

    1. I remember that! You're definitely one of our early readers. (And one of our favorites! Not that we play favorites!) Thanks, Leandra!