Wednesday, March 18, 2020

BUY THIS: Breaking News! Nordstrom is 25% Off Sidewide.

Oh shit, you guys. I just saw that Nordstrom 25% off sitewide and it's the nicest/meanest thing to happen all week. I was all set to buy the Comme des Garçon Play sneakers I want so bad but OF COURSE they're excluded. However, so many good things are not. Like, you know that cute Madewell bag I just bought?

It's now 25% off! And my very favorite Ray-Bans are also included in the sale:

What about a red Longchamp bag? You have always wanted a red bag, right?

And oh no you guys. Birkenstocks are on sale and this is the pair I didn't buy last year but wish I had:

This is getting to be a problem. Let's move on to the makeup, shall we? Y'ALL. THE MAKEUP:

This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is art, right? I can't handle the leopard print. And check out this palette:

They have some great beauty gifts with purchase as well, so don't forget to check them out. I don't have enough hair to justify it, but my stylist just bought this Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and it is AMAZING:

I was mad that I liked it so much. Finally, since a lot of us are stuck at home and trying to keep fit anyway, why not wear something cute while you're attempting to do lunges around the cat in your living room? I am digging these Sweaty Betty leopard leggings:

And ugh, this little jacket is so cute it's making me mad:

Ugh, thanks a lot, Nordstrom. 


  1. Ok, I bought some perfume, but this feels a little desperate, doesn't it?

  2. Or the discount? (Which yes, has a whiff of desperation but everything is feeling so dire I can’t judge them too harshly.)

  3. I bought the SK-II Essence and my kid some running shoes.