Wednesday, February 8, 2012

By Request.

Reader email:

Please tell me you will feature this on your blog, somehow, some way?


The hair! The neckbeard! The pants! The jacket partially done up over what appears to be a quilted leather Chanel scarf! 

A: Snort.

M: HA. But really, WTF with that scarf?

A: It's Chanel. That weird puffy scarf is Chanel.

M: Come ON, Karl.

A: Why does he have it all tucked into his jacket? It's just so WEIRD.

M: And he's so JUDGEY! Quit judging me, Neck Beard!

A: Considering his designer scarf is practically tucked into his underwear he really has no business judging anyone.

M: He has a tiny...earring, too.

A: I'm too distracted by his burlap pants.

M: I don't want to look at him anymore, please.

A: I feel like I went to college with that guy and he was a sculpture major. They were all crazy intense and smelled bad.

M: Ew. I was thinking poetry, but this works.

A: Oh! That works too. Poetry majors don't smell bad but they will stand you up.

M: And write mean poems about you.

A: Actually, they write love poems about other girls and make you proofread them.

M: You can't see me, but I'm stamping my foot and demanding someone new to look at.

A: He's grossing me out. I cannot handle that beard. Here:


M: *Marianne is offline.*

A: Hello? Hello?


  1. two are killing me. thank for the laughs cuz I'm at work eating lunch at my desk and cursing at my career choice!! Ha. So this is so needed to break the bad mood. Thank YOU!!! I wonder if their moms love them? I'd be like, "baby, NO!"

  2. I hope their moms love them because you KNOW neither of them is getting laid. LOL

    The one on the top reminds me just the teeniest bit of one of my college boyfriends. And whaddaya know, he was a poet. (it was not a good time for me).