Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staring Contest.

A: The SHobbit finally came through for us. He's not, like, Africa-hot, but still...

M: He has a certain charm. But I really question both his color palette and pants.

A: I don't really love the cardigan but the more I look into his eyes the more I can't stop looking into his eyes.

M: Yeah, he is. Yeah. What?

A: Busy now.

M: Are you knitting him a sweater?

A: Still staring.

M: I feel like he uses the word Lover.

A: What? OH. Wow, thanks. That broke my trance right quick. He also looks like a face-toucher.

M: Yes, he'd touch your face and call you LOVERRRRR.

I might be okay with it.

A: I'm not saying I'd slap his hand away, I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with it.

M: You'd be in Italy. That helps a lot.

A: In that case, he can call me amante all he wants.

M: Buy me a Vespa and I'm pretty much yours.

A: Hell, buy me some gelato and I'm yours.

M: You're so easy.