Monday, February 13, 2012

Marianne: Before the Injury.

Hi, Marianne here. Still with the sprain/fractured/pain in the ass wrist, which is making typing extra terrible. Although, Adrien did such a stellar job with my last post, maybe she should just take over?

Anyway, along with the DVF blouse in the previous post, I got this London Times dress at the consignment store for $7. It's just a good basic work dress, though now I'm looking at that second picture and thinking a camisole might be in order next time. Yikes.

dress: London Times
tights: Spanx in bittersweet
socks: Otte
boots: Frye Melissa Button Boot


  1. You look really good! Sorry to hear about your injury.

  2. You're like the queen of wrap dresses! And the two of you with your lovely shoe/boot collections...sigh...