Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Downtown Abby.

M: Preeeetty sure if I had bangs they would look like O'Briens.

A: Do you have any idea how much I want this to happen? My hair is more along the line of Bates most days.

M: Oh it is NOT. Besides, Bates wold look awful as a redhead.

A: I stumbled across this while googling "Downton hair" and i cannot stop laughing:

M: OMG, that totally looks like Matthew! But minus the piercing blue eyes.

A: PEE ESS I have not finished watching the finale. If you spoil I will be full of rage.

M: OH! Oh. Good to know. We...probably shouldn't talk for the rest of the day.

A: I'm a little surprised that Twitter hasn't already wrecked it.

M: Me too, actually.

A: Derp.

A: Most of my feed was watching that zombie show instead. I can't.

M: Lavinia is the embodiment of Derp.

A: Right? She's such a Mary Sue.

M: A lot of my FB feed was watching Celebrity Apprentice. Really, people? Really?

A: People watch that? Are they the same people who Love Raymond?

M: Total Mary Sue. I called her being the only victim of the Spanish Flu at Downton.

A: Derp derrrrrppppp. So sad. So convenient.

M: Let's not forget that Two and a Half Men was a ratings juggernaut. Most of America is probably wondering who Downtown Abby is.

A: She's Uptown Abby's goofball twin!



M: I love that someone made that, and also find it more than a little creepy.

A: It is so deliciously creepy.

M: But back to O'Brien's hair. And her sideburns!

A: That actress got the the worst look ever. Even worse than the cooks. I mean, holy shit?

M: Oh, totally. All I can figure is it really helped her tap into her inner rage. Because it would for me.

A: It is remarkable what a terrible hair style will do to a girl.

M: I was just going to send you this!

A: Dang.

M: Seriously. I get a little weirded out seeing the actors in modern clothes. I mean, this is just wrong.

A: Hee! I love that one. But yeah, it's very strange to see them all sexy and modern.

M: He's so cute! But very un-Bates-like.

A: Now, can we talk about Daisy's waist? Because it is just unfair.

M: I think Daisy had ribs removed. That's all I can figure.

A: She's also 12 years old. Or something like that.

M: I kind of want to give her a stern talking to about this dress:

A: Oh sweetie! NO.

M: She's 27! Old enough to know better.

A: Oh, dear.

M: Bless her heart.

To be continued...



    It is really weird seeing them all modern ... but awesome.

  2. the most hilarious of all DA spoofs i've seen:

    and i was so bothered by seeing them with make up on that i couldn't even watch the bonus "making of" stuff that the end.

    1. "Oh, she sooooo heard that. You pissed off the chicken lady!"

  3. I loved you guys before this post but I love you even more now (almost as much as I love Downton Abbey)!

    And, dang, O'Brien is a hottie. Who knew?