Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Look at Me!


image: The Sartorialist

M: This picture makes me laugh uncontrollably.

A: whaaat, no don't look at me. i'm just a little ole nerd over here. stop looking at meeeeee.

M: Don't make me hide behind the clothes rack.

A: Slouch some more and nobody will notice you.

M: Judging by that storefront she's about to go shopping for a balaclava. then her transformation will be complete.

A: She will just faaaaaade back into dorky obscurity. Or rob the store.

M: If she's turning to a life of crime, she should pick better stuff to take.

A: She is rolling her eyes at you for being so caught up in consumerism.

M: I have no patience for hipster ennui today.

A: Every time I look at that photo I get mad.

M: Let's look at some All American abs holding a dog instead.

A: Who is that? Wait, I don't care who that is. Pretty.

M: I have no idea. Don't care.

A: Word.


  1. Have to disagree on this one. The girl looks cool and the guy is the worst kind of vanilla Chippendales dud.

  2. i think she is really pretty. i'm kinda built that way too. tall and lanky.

  3. Oh, I do have to disagree with you. I much prefer her to the posers - bloggers who post 7 pictures of themselves with little change between them...oh look, I moved my hand...now I turned my head in the other direction...look at me, me, me because I think I'm beautiful and I could have been a model...gah! She looks like a real person who doesn't want/need to draw attention to herself.

  4. Oh my God, you guys. We never said she wasn't pretty! But, I stand by thinking she's a total hipster.

  5. Hey Adrien! Were you in Sleater Kinney? This pic made me think so ... (That's you in the middle):


  6. what happened to the bottom of the photo??