Monday, February 20, 2012

All of the Things.

A: My face hurts.

M: What's wrong?

A: My skin is all sad and tight and dry. I hate.

M: Ooooh, I thought maybe someone hit you?

A: Why would you think that? Wait, don't answer that.

M: Ahem. ANYWAY. Do you know what you need?

A: I am using argan oil AND the Bobbi Brown extra stuff and lately, coconut oil. Still dry.

M: You need this:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

A: I WANT THAT and I don't even understand it. I did get a sample of the Extra Repair foundation because I think my current oil-free foundation is making things bad.

M: I don't know what it is either, other than made of magic. And yeah, you shouldn't have oil-free ANYTHING.

A: I mean, I am cooking with coconut oil and putting it on my face. At the same time.

M: That's so...earthy of you.

A: LIKE A CAVEMAN. Anyway, I love my Bobbi Brown lady. (Hi, Gina!)

M: Cavemen don't wear fancy makeup. And I love MY Bobbi Brown lady (hi Claire!).

A: Fuck that then. Oh, I bought your fancy gel eyeliner:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

I lurve it. I want more.

M: Isn't it so good? Did you buy the brush, too? Because that brush is amazing.

A: I did not, because I have, um, three eyeliner brushes. They work just fine. This one is the bomb

M: Now I'm all distracted by this:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

I think I secretly want to be Sophia Loren.

A: I have not mastered the cat eye thing. Yet.

M: it's on my life list.

A: I also want new lipstick. Specifically this one:

I realized that one of the lipsticks I still wear is something I bought in Chicago. Four years ago.

M: That's pretttty. I can't wait to get these braces off so I can wear bright lip color again. For now, Brown Sugar is my #1 most favorite nude ever. It feels wonderful on, as well:

A: Ooh, that looks nice. I want all of the things.

M: ALL OF THEM. I also really, really want this perfume:

A: Ooh, nice. I got a sample of this shampoo and conditioner and OH MY GOD SO SHINY. But not cheap. Of course:

Alterna at ShopStyle

M: I want shiny! Real bad!


M: ANYWAY, do you like the mascara I made you buy? Because I want to have its babies. It's coal black, lashy babies. Wait, that got weird.

Maybelline at ShopStyle

A: Um, yeah, creeper, I like the mascara.

M: Oh, hush.

A: I'm not the one talking about sooty lash babies.

M: Don't make me take before and after lash pictures. I'LL DO IT.

A: Nobody asked you to sing, lady.

M: Well, let's leave it to the three readers still with us. Do YOU want before/after pictures of the amazing mascara? Or the amazing eyeliner? Or Adrien's hair? Do tell.

Disclaimer: we weren't paid to shill any of these products, though if someone wanted to we'd be ALL OVER IT. We just like makeup and stuff. xo


  1. Great post you guys! M, what is the name of that LM Favorite-Nude-Ever color? The link doesn't take me to a specific color. Thanks!

    1. Oh! Sorry about that! It's "Brown Sugar". I looove it, it feels wonderful on.

    2. Sorry about that! I added the name in because for some reason it won't let me link the specific color.

  2. I would love to see before and after lash pics too! I bought that mascara and all I get is a gloopy mess around my eye area. I feel I might be doing it wrong.... ;)

  3. Definitely before and after pics, and I don't even WANT a new mascara. Everyone loves those pics.

    I use Blinc and I love love love it. It's the "tube your lashes" stuff and it doesn't run all over my face (even waterproof stuff does on me) and it doesn't clump at all.

    Also, Stella's waterproof eyeliner pen is to. die. for. My best friend got it for me in a gift bag for Christmas because clearly she loves me. You could totally do cat eye with it and easily. It makes me feel like I know what I'm doing.

  4. The people have spoken, Marianne.