Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adrien: Purples.

I wear this dress all the time and was surprised that I hadn't posted it recently. It is kind of A Thing with the mixed patterns, so I tend to keep the accessories pretty basic. The drape-y cardigan probably isn't the best option but everything else I tried on over it looked awful-er, so too bad. I kind of love that I'm rocking three different shades of purple with the dress and the bag. 

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Look, here's my waist! I totally have one:

Purple details: 

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The cute bracelet Marianne made me last summer:

dress: BCBG (similar from BCBG)
cardigan: Gap (similar from Gap)
boots: Camper (similar from Camper)
bracelet: handmade
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. I love this dress, but I absolutely cannot wear a cardigan with mine. I wear a big scarf if I'm freezing, otherwise I just suffer. Which means I don't wear it that much.

    1. Cardigans just don't work with it at all! The one I'm wearing isn't ideal, but I gotta be warm.