Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marianne: Nothing to see here.

Oh. Right. I have this internet blog thing, and occasionally I am supposed to post outfits? I'll admit, since badly spraining my wrist, typing, getting dressed, LIFE has been hard. But anyway, here. Here is an outfit. Unfortunately, immediately after taking this picture?

The camera died. Of boredom? We'll never know. But there is my adorable wrist splint, don't you love the pop of cobalt? So fresh.

So I'm back, a day or so later, in another pair of stretchy pants because you know what's impossible to put on one handed? Tights.

This is basically one step away from wearing pajamas in public and dangerously close to "leggings as pants". Forgive me. I did at least try to accessorize.

And I was given permission to ditch the splint during the day! Here's a gorgeous picture of my Dark Mark. Just like a sunset, isn't it?

Okay, that was gross. I'm sorry.

Outfit #1--
cardigan: Guinevere/anthropologie (similar here)
top: Velvet (similar here)
belt: anthropologie (similar here)
socks: J. Crew (similar here)
shoes: Frye Lisa T-Strap (similar here)

Outfit #2--
jacket: Doki Geki (similar here)
sweater: Limited (similar here)
infinity scarf: Roxy (similar here)
boots: Uggs (similar here)


  1. You look cute! What is the giant ring you're wearing? It's awful, you should just send it to me.

    1. It's wood and some kind of resin? I don't know, it was a dollar at the consignment store. The back of it promptly cracked, but I'm hoping I can super glue it or something? Fancy.

  2. Had no idea splint dressing was so challenging. At least you didn't have to cut the sleeves off tops as I did after my daughter broke her arm. Love the cardigan!

  3. oh my god, your poor bruised wrist! It really is stunning!

  4. Oh wow, what did you do exactly in exercise class to sprain it like that?

    1. Teresa, I take a class called TRX. I had my foot in a strap at about waist level, wasn't paying attention, and lost my balance. The foot on the floor flew out from under me and I landed with my full weight on my wrist. It still hurts, two weeks later!

  5. Ouch!! Sorry about your wrist. You look great otherwise! Hope your wrist heal quickly and soon.

  6. ouch! Well, your layering over leggings is truly celeb worthy- I'm jealous (nothing says luxury like bracelet length coat sleeves!)

  7. Oh ouch, you have my sympathy on the wrist! Your second outfit looks so cozy and comfortable and stylish. I'd like to recreate this look!


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