Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marianne: Blouse Too.

Hi! This is Adrien filling in for Marianne because that bad-ass just broke herself doing TRX. I know! I'd be impressed if I wasn't so worried about her sad wrist. But, the blog must go on so I'm writing her entry for her. Here's the thing: I don't know much about what she's wearing so I am going to make it up.

I do know that the blouse she's wearing was inspired by me (which is as it should be) and it's DVF and she got it for $16 or something crazy like that at her magical consignment store. I am completely jealous, in case you were wondering. Ugh. Okay, so here it is:

Cute! I like the pattern. Kind of too bad she didn't take off her cardigan so we could see the details, right? She is so difficult. Look at her wrists! They look great, all non-broken/sprained. She can use that photo for reminiscing purposes later.

Here is her whole outfit, which I like. I think she should also try pairing the blouse with something dark pink. A print blouse is so versatile! She should just give it to me:

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blouse: Diane von Furstenberg (this one is cute too.)
cardigan: no idea
skirt: Gap, I think (similar)
boots: Frye Lisa (similar)


  1. I love that blouse! Great combination of colors. I also love that you two are close enough that when one is in need, the other will step in to narrate.

  2. Oh nos! Poor Marianne! I injured myself at Bootcamp before Christmas.

  3. Wrist sprain? Oh no! Hope you get better soon, girl! That top is fantastic, I love bold pattern!