Thursday, March 29, 2018


I have these lovely new short-sleeved tops to wear and the weather has not been cooperating but finally I am able to wear these things that have been collecting dust in my closet for an entire week. I KNOW. So here you go:

This is my new Pleione top in cobalt blue and isn't it pretty? I bought it at TJ Maxx but the website seems to be perpetually down (it's not just me, right?) so I can't see if they have it online. This other Pleione top appears to be the same blue and is awfully cute and the Pleione Kim blouse is pretty similar, as is the double pleat version. (But really, just go to the store and find it - $16.99!)

I'm wearing it with my blog-wearying Mossimo moto jeggings which are still so freaking good. This color is gone from the site but there are lots of similar things. This faux suede pair at Zulily looks pretty cute and I love these army green moto jeans from Vince Camuto. And how cool are these camo moto jeans? Or is that too far? 

By request, here is the Madewell Ultimate leather jacket worn without the belt. It's a bit more streamlined and much less jingly this way but I still like the cool factor the belt adds. 

I AM SO COOL, RIGHT?? I really do love this jacket, though, in case you hadn't noticed. Details:

Okay, so remember how I bought those tassel earrings at Target and did not buy the labradorite necklace? Well, I returned the earrings (they looked odd with my haircut) and bought the labradorite necklace. (Note: they have the names mixed up - mine is the one labeled sodalite.) It's so cool and also comes in a tiny version though I'd recommend going to the store and picking one out - some had fire and some were duds. 

Same old bag and boots - my MBMJ Too Hot Hobo and my Cole Haan Landsman boots. So practical, so boring. What can you do.

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