Wednesday, March 7, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack Clearance digging.

True story: during a recent trip back from DC I asked my boyfriend if we could stop at Nordstrom Rack for, like, 20 minutes. I was trying to track down this Madewell tote which is being sold on eBay and the like for $125-$150. I found a bunch of them in the clearance rack for $79! Score! I totally missed it online but there were lots of them in the store.

If you don't live near a NR there are always some decent deals on their website. Here's what I found digging around in the clearance section. First up, bags:

This Minkoff tote also comes in black, but I thought this olive color was really cool and different. 

I am crazy about the punk rock flair of this studded canvas MJ tote and it comes in three colors. 

Something about this little Orla Kiely bag really appeals to my modern art minimalist side. 

Okay, so this. This is a pink velvet version of the Minkoff Julien backback but it's only $49?

Now for clothes. I honestly wasn't finding much that I thought worth posting about but then I saw a bunch of Madewell stuff including these: 

Madewell Slim Boyjean in Walton wash! They have a fair range of sizes available, which is amazing.

I also thought this Madewell hoodie looked like a solid choice. Definitely a gin hoodie.

It feels inevitable that I'll eventually be wearing Eileen Fisher. This silk dress is a good gateway. 

I also don't hate this EF weird high-low dress? I don't know. It just looks comfy. 

Final stop, the accessories department: 

Even on clearance this stabby Rag & Bone scarf isn't inexpensive but I SO love it. 

Super pretty dangly Botkier earrings for $12.

More Madewell! This tassel necklace is so pretty and it's under $10! 

That's it for today! I feel like my enabling work here is done.


  1. Do you recall which NR store you visited while in the DC area?

    1. Yes ma'am, it was the Potomac Mills store. They had a bunch in black and saddle.

    2. Thank you. I will head there this weekend!

  2. WHY DO I KIND OF WANT THAT VELVET BACKPACK. It is ridiculous and goes with nothing in my closet. I have sale goggles.


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