Monday, March 5, 2018

Blog Science: I Try Rent The Runway Unlimited.

Y'all don't know this about me but I am really into science. Blog science! Ha. But truly, I am always happy to be a guinea pig when it comes to trying out the weird stuff. I am basically a blog scientist on your behalf. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Here's the story: A friend of mine uses Rent The Runway Unlimited and always shows up wearing the cutest stuff and it's always from RTR. "It's a rental!" She hates shopping so this works really well for her, especially when it comes to work clothes. Recently she rented the grey Veda leather jacket I was whining about and it unhinged me. I came unhinged for that jacket. It's soft like a baby unicorn and the color is so unusual and UGH I WANT THAT. 

She mentioned that RTR Unlimited is $99 (with code FIRST) for the first month for four items at a time (after that it's $159) so for blog science I decided to give it a shot. Let's be clear: Mostly I wanted to get my grabby paws on that jacket. I signed up* and immediately ordered these four things:

This dress is DVF and I can't find it anywhere online except Rent The Runway. It's cute af but I'm definitely going to be breaking out the spanx for this one. 

Of course I got a silk Joie top. This is the Peterson B blouse with an insect print and it appears to be sold out everywhere. I have already worn it twice. 

These are Rachel Zoe Lana Twill Cigarette Pants and I am wearing them right this second! They have cute button detailing that's hard to see in that photo. 

MY PRECIOUS. The Veda Jayne Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket. It is wonderful and magical which is terrible. I would sleep in it if I could. 

I ordered this stuff and got it within a few days via UPS. The subscription includes shipping both ways, insurance and dry cleaning, so all you have to do it pull the clothes out of the bag and put them on your body and return them when you feel like something new. There are customer reviews on most items which is really helpful when you're between sizes. Everything I got fits me (more or less) and so far I've worn three out of the four things I rented. I'll be posting outfit/reviews later this week.

I think the best part about this subscription is that it gives me the opportunity to test-drive expensive things. I'm definitely going to be buying a leather jacket this year (though not the Veda jacket) and RTR has several that I can rent. They also offer decent discounts on most of the items if you decide you want to keep them forever. Which I fear might happen.

While I think RTR's strength is definitely fancy dress rentals, the Unlimited plan could be an amazing time saver for busy folks who hate shopping but have to look nice at work or attend a lot of dressy events. 

If you're tempted and would like $30 off your first order, here's my referral link. (Full disclosure: I'll also get $30 when your item ships. Fuller disclosure: you can't stack this with the current Unlimited deal.) 

Stay tuned for IRL outfits! 

* With my own money! This is not a sponsored post. #IpaidForThis


  1. OMG that jacket! So gorgeous. And so expensive...WHY??? Looking forward to seeing your outfit posts. Thank you for being a blog scientist on behalf of your readers! :)

  2. Just popping in to say that I would *so love* to see the posts that come out of this science! I have all but given up on "work pants" so am especially curious about the Rachel Zoe!

  3. I just joined RTR and got my order this evening! I'm doing RTR Update because it seemed like a lot of hassle to keep shipping items back and ordering more. However I'm regretting a little that I didn't try Unlimited my first month, especially with the discount. I'm excited to try different things that are out of my comfort zone. When I was browsing the site I had to keep reminding myself that I should try different things because it was a low commitment situation! I'm also really hoping this cuts down on my shopping habit....

  4. I have to say I have tried and given up on RTR. Maybe I was unlucky but have gotten a number of pieces that smelled horribly of body odor (could not be worn nor even stored with other clothing) and that cured me. I hope you folks have better luck!

  5. I did the RTR Unlimited for a few months last year when I had a bunch of fancy work events in a row. It was a blast! Hope you enjoy and I will look forward to living vicariously through your posts.


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