Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Shopping Report.

Last weekend (and the weekend before) I convinced Kate to go shopping with me for reasons of blog science and whatnot.  The weekend before last I returned a cardigan-thing to Loft and bought a cute blue top:

Don't get attached to it. Loft is cyclical for me and right now it's full of cute things... for other people. I was just not feeling the spring prints at all. I tried on a few things, none of which worked except for the blue top (don't get attached) that I just mentioned.

We moved on to Ulta where I was hoping to purchase this Benefit set but apparently it only exists at Sephora. I also wanted to repurchase my favorite Urban Decay eyeliner because I'm tired of using a nub of eyeliner. The 24/7 liners are the only ones I actually use up! I love them. I also bought a sheet mask I haven't used yet:

I'll report back on that when I get around to slapping it on my face. I convinced Kate to buy my beloved PTR Peel Pads which reminded me that I have half a container of them that I should probably use before they dry out. 

I got home from that shopping trip and looked up reviews of the blue top I'd bought and hey, guess what? It's a shrinker. Nobody got time for that, so back it goes. 

SO, this past weekend we went to a different mall so I could visit the leather jackets of Madewell and also return the Loft top. I didn't buy anything at Loft but they did have some really cute jewelry. They have these cool geode pendants (which I can't find online) and this necklace also attracted me:

I also liked these hoops:

...which I encouraged the woman in line ahead of me to buy because my enabling work is never done. 

Then we went to Madewell so I could check out the leather jackets in person. They only had the washed leather jacket:

It was not for me. The leather was soft and buttery but the jacket was super lightweight and too cropped. Not quite what I'm looking for. Kate fondled these cozy sweatpants but didn't try them on. We both ended up buying the larger version of this candle which, with various magical and unexpected discounts, was all of $12. 

Then we went to Banana Republic so I could try on the medium wash version of these jeans which I have in dark grey and love:

Somehow the fit on the medium wash was different? So annoying. I didn't buy them. (But it's F&F right now so buy the dark grey pair! They're great.) Kate bought this cute top:

She was wearing skinny black jeans and Chelsea boots and it looked so good when she tried it on! Minimal and clean. 

Then we went to Nordstrom to see if they had any Madewell jackets (nope) and so I could smell the Jo Malone perfume. My current new possible favorite is the Basil & Neroli but the sales associate made us smell all of the new limited edition line which are grain-based (odd but not unpleasant) and we eventually had to flop on the ground and pretend to be dead so she'd leave us alone. 

I wandered back over to to the leather jacket section but didn't see anything I liked. I tried on this TopShop jacket:

Cute, but not quite right. Sooooo, I trotted home and ordered the Madwell Ultimate Leather Motorcycle Jacket using the 15% off Insider discount before it expired. You know, for science.

 The end. 


  1. Kim France made me order the topshop Moto jacket! I hope it works for me!

    1. Ah, Kim France! It's a nice leather jacket but the side buckles didn't work for me.

  2. I got that HA mask, too! It was fantastic. There was a LOT of the HA left in the package that I used the next two nights right before bed. Will definitely be repurchasing!

    (I got attached to the blue top. Y U do us so wrong, LOFT?!)

    1. I was VERY clear that you were not to get attached, Sarah.


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