Monday, March 26, 2018

Review: Madewell Ultimate Leather Jacket.

I've wanted a leather jacket for a while but recently, because of that damn Veda jacket, I decided I couldn't continue on without one of my very own. The Veda jacket wasn't going to happen - it was way too expensive and had fit issues. Plus, I decided that I really wanted a classic black leather motorcycle jacket - something that would look better with age. I narrowed it down to two:

The AllSaints Balfern:

The Madewell Ultimate:

They are incredibly similar and exactly the same price and both get rave reviews. The AllSaints jacket appealed to me because it looked slightly more badass and I liked the matte black hardware on the lapels. The Madewell jacket appealed because the belt is removable and there's a store nearby if I have issues with it. Neither jacket was available for me to try on in person so I had to pick one to order first. I ordered the Madewell jacket mostly because they had a 15% off code going and that was enough for me. Here it is:

It's so good, y'all! I mean, right out of the box good. It's a weighty jacket and feels like quality. The leather is soft but seems like it'll hold up and will look even better when it breaks in. I decided to keep it because it fits well. I'm wearing a medium and it fits snugly (which I think a leather jacket should) but the shoulders hit at the right spot and  I can still zip it up no problem. The sleeves are a good length and it just felt right. Here are some detail shots: 

The belt is not attached and can be removed for a more streamlined look. The sleeves are perfect: 

And the leather is just so nice. Buttery but not thin or delicate. I want a jacket I don't have to worry about wrecking: 

Here it is all zipped and bucked: 

I don't intend on wearing it this way but it's nice that I can if I need to. And there's this:

Heh. For the rest of my outfit I'm wearing an old Bowie t-shirt but this is the one I want next! I can also recommend this one which I have and love. I'm also wearing my Mossimo moto jeggings and my Everlane Street Ankle Boots.

I tried on a bunch of jackets before buying this one just to get an idea about how I wanted it to fit. I feel leather jackets are meant to be close-fitting but it's a personal thing. You just really want to make sure the shoulders hit at the right place and the sleeves are the right length. Leather jackets will stretch, so don't worry if it feels slightly snug at first. I am quite happy with my choice but it was a big purchase for me! Hopefully I'll have this jacket for a long time.

If you're thinking about one, I know AllSaints does sales a few times a year and I was pleased that Madewell's code worked on this jacket. Other less expensive options:

Happy hunting!


  1. The jacket is perfect! It looks like it was cut just for you and the fact that it looks great both zipped and unzipped is a definite plus. I feel like a lot of jackets look good one way or the other but both is rare. I prefer it to the AllSaints one...the collar/lapels on the AllSaints jacket look a little too wide. Definitely a great investment!

    1. I haven't seen the AllSaints jacket in person so I am going to agree with you. And thanks!

  2. It looks so great! I am glad you finally found 'the' jacket!!

  3. In the interest of science, would you consider posting a shot of you wearing it sans the belt? You know, for science.

    1. Of course! I’ll be posting an outfit later this week that includes my jacket sans belt.


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