Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stuff I Like: Comfort Edition

I haven't done a "stuff I like" post this month so I thought I'd talk about stuff I like that's comfortable or comforting because I am a sad, itchy nightmare right now. It's looks like spring outside but it's been super cold and windy so I'm still in hibernation mode and trying to be moisturized and comfortable despite the circumstances. (Have I mentioned I hate winter?)

This Luxurious Oil I Can't Live Without
I've talked about Skin & Bones Luxurious Moisturizer on the blog before but I thought it was worth mentioning again because I recently bought a new bottle. It's expensive but it's totally worth the money and a little goes a long way.  It's very comforting and my skin absolutely loves it. Plus, the scent is amazing - mysterious and warm and a bit spicy. I don't even know how to describe it but I love it. Oh, and it comes in a cool dark violet bottle! Such good packaging.

This Comfy Bra Thing From Target
I am so itchy, y'all! Winter sucks. I do regularly exfoliate with these Korean mitt things which helps but mostly I just want all my clothes to feel good. I recently went to Target to look for a lounge-y bralette that I could wear mostly around the house but also out to run errands. I bought this one from Gilligan & O'Malley and it's so good! It's nearly seamless and has built-in pads so it feels substantial. Super comfortable and looks decent under clothes.

This Show That Makes Me Feel Old In A Good Way
Who's watching Everything Sucks? It's (almost) great in same way Freaks & Geeks was great though definitely less edgy. It takes place in the mid-90s so the soundtrack is happily nostalgic and the world was still smartphone-free. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to and highly recommend.

This Game That Doesn't Stress Me Out
I am not a big fan of game apps but I do occasionally enjoy some Candy Crush. However, I recently downloaded I Love Hue and it's so pretty and soothing and not at all stressful. You just match up colors to make the pattern complete.

This Candle That I Haven't Bought Yet
Every time I go to Blue Mercury I sniff their collection of Lafco candles and SWEAR that I will buy one the next time I have a windfall. They're really expensive but the scents are evocative and room-themed, which I love. Also, they come in beautiful blown glass containers. I am particularly enamored with French Lilac/Pool House and Mint Tisane/Meditation Room. Just the thing for filling your giant mansion full of delicious, rich people fragrance. *weeping*


  1. That moisturizer goes on your face or what? (I know the bottle says anywhere but curious how you use it)

    1. I mostly use it on my face but it’s good all over.

  2. If you are still looking for comfy bras, try Coobie. They are really comfy and have a number of styles.


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