Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Knoxville Shopping: It Was Fun and Now I'm Sad.

Oh, y'all. I went to visit Marianne this past weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN and now I'm home and it's raining ice and it's going to SNOW tomorrow and I am VERY SAD.


I mean, this pretty much sums up the weekend:

And this:

Of course we did some shopping because when do we ever not? We went to, um, three different TJ Maxx Stores and also Target AND Anthro and it was glorious. Wanna know what we bought? I'm going to tell you:

Marianne loves her Julian backpack but it's starting to get a bit worn so when she found this Aimee Kestenberg backpack for $39(!) in the clearance section she immediately claimed it:

Such a bargain considering it's still on the brand's site for full price! I liked it a lot but didn't want to be a copycat. (I can't find it on the TJ Maxx site but there were several in each store we went to.) I tried on a bunch of clothing and bought a couple of inexpensive short sleeved tops by Pleione. I can't find the exact one online but it was a cross between this one and this one. I got it in bright cobalt blue and in emerald green for $16.99 each. They're simple and flowy and have nice details. Perfect.

We also bought candles after sniffing pretty much all of them. It's weird how we both went from hating scented candles to being obsessed with them. I also bought a pair of Luna Norte earrings which, spoiler, I can't find online. THIS IS SO HELPFUL. Then we went to another TJ Maxx and I found this:

Yes! The same backpack in blush pink leather. You're probably thinking, "that really looks like Marianne's color" and you'd be right. I bought it and we traded because of course we did. This backpack is really nice quality and the perfect size for everyday. For $39 it is a STEAL. Go find one!

We moved on to Target because Marianne had these earrings on from the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar line:

I wanted to explore the other options because they are SO CUTE on her. I bought this pair:

I don't know if they work with my haircut though, so we'll see. I also contemplated this labradorite necklace but I didn't buy it because you can't get everything:

Marianne also got another pair of these earrings since she lost one from her last pair and loves them:

I think I mentioned we went to Anthropologie too but we didn't find a thing we couldn't live without. The end!

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  1. I bought that first Pleione top you linked to at TJ Maxx also in cobalt blue and I love it! I wore it with a leopard print cardi in shades of taupe and black and black halogen leggings and it looked amazing AF.


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