Friday, March 30, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: More Target Picks.

It's no secret that Marianne and I both love the Universal Thread line at Target. It's just really good and has an easy, casual summer vibe that make us long for summer. We both have and love the denim jacket and Marianne has the cutest earrings that I keep thinking about. Here are some other picks from the line that I think would be great for spring and summer:




  1. Gah! I can't do Universal Thread's jorts (you could fit a small child between the small of my back and the waistband when they fit my hips) but I just ordered those sandals in two colors. I have a super similar but more delicate looking gold pair from Old Navy from like, 9 years ago, and was looking for something with slightly thicker straps. Yay!

  2. I just impulse bought that red top, and it's really, really, really cute.

  3. I just bought the pink backpack purse and I love it!!