Wednesday, July 5, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): LOFT Report In Which I Went To The Actual Store.

I did! I actually went into a retail store location and tried things on. I even bought a few things because LOFT was giving away clothes over the holiday weekend. Unfortunately a few of the items are back up to full price today but all the sale stuff is an extra 40% off. For the full priced stuff, just wait a day and they'll be giving them away again. I don't even know why they bother with this pricing nonsense. Anyway! I went to LOFT and tried on this Ruffle Back Dress which I loved on the website:

It's on clearance (store and website) and it was SO pretty on. Plain in the front but the back makes up for it:

I don't even like ruffles but I like this dress a lot. I nearly bought it because it was so flowy (and so inexpensive!) but it hit me at midi-length which felt a bit awkward. I'll admit I am having regret for passing on it. I also tried on this Flutter Duet Dress because Marianne texted me about it:

Apparently she tried it on backwards and bought it and then realized she'd tried it on backwards but still likes it better that way. I tried it on both ways and agree with her! I didn't buy this because it didn't really suit me but if you have it you should probably try it on backwards. 

Another thing I plucked from the clearance rack was this Tie Back Mixed Media Top:

It didn't look like much on the rack but the color was pretty so I tried it on. It's really good! Very drapey and fairly long but not overwhelming. The little tie in the back gives it some extra fanciness. It's on sale on the website with an extra 40% off, so a very inexpensive nicer-than-a-tee-shirt top to have in your closet. 

All the shorts in my wardrobe are cut-offs so I thought I'd try to be an adult and give the Riviera Shorts a try:

They fit really well (I went with my usual pants size) but the only color they had in my size was the coral pink and that is just so not me. Bright yellow is also not really my style but aren't they cute? Such a good saturated yellow. I may end up trying another store and will probably be boring and get them in a neutral color. They do have some shorts with really cute patterns (and in the sale section: zebras!) but apparently they're online exclusives. Do I need zebra shorts? Probably not. Do I want zebra shorts? Kinda. 

Finally, I tried on this Crochet Yoke Dress:

You guyyyys. Similar to my favorite Fan Floral Cap Sleeve dress (currently on clearance + 40% off!), it's just one of those easy adorable throw-it-on dresses that you'll be so glad you have in your closet. This dress is mysteriously still full-priced on the website but was in the clearance section in the store. I tried it on in a small and medium and thought the small was a better fit, so I bought it and I can't wait to wear it. Outfit coming soon! 

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