Friday, June 30, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: We Are All Made of Stars.

I was going to do an Independence Day stars-and-stripes theme thingy for today's post but I push stripes on you guys a lot and thought maybe I'd give them the weekend off. Instead, I'm going to get really into stars for a minute. I love stars. I have one tattooed on my body. But, when it comes to apparel star prints can go either way and placement is super important. Here are a few star-related things that I think get it exactly right:

This is basically my perfect comfy pre-lounge/lounge/apres lounge star print top.

This adorable summer tote is on sale at Gilt! Please remove the ugly charm and you're good to go.

Oh, Gap. You are doing the star print bikini just right. (There's also a tank version.)

I'm confident you won't regret buying these Rebecca Minkoff star earrings (which are on sale, duh.)

If you've always wanted a pair of star-print jeans, this is absolutely the way to do it. 

These Loeffler Randall sandals are way too expensive for what they are but uhhhhhnnnhhhh. Want. 

This adorable gauzy star print scarf at Barney's is marked down to $35! Wear it year round. I would.

Would I buy this overrated highlighter again because of the "collector's edition" star print? Probably. 

A fun casual dress that you could wear to a 4th party without feeling like you're wearing a flag.


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  2. Steve Madden has a knock off version of those sandals.