Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stuff I Like: Tech Gadgets + Reading/Watching

I am such a sucker for cheap tech gadgets. If it's made of plastic and available on Amazon in eight million varieties and can be stuck on or synced with my iPhone or Apple Watch? I probably want it. I'm not proud of this, but I will share my findings anyway:

First, I use this little Bluetooth remote for my iPhone to take blog photos. I have four of them because they don't last forever and they're also irresistible to cats.

I'd recently been considering buying a PopSocket but Marianne recommended the Love Handle instead so I bought it because, well, Marianne told me to. I really like it when I actually remember to use it! It's just the thing for action selfies on the bike which I really shouldn't do but whatever.

If you have an Apple Watch, this is a great little charging stand. It's inexpensive, doesn't budge, and keeps your watch secure. I've been surprised how much I like it and kind of wish I'd sprung for the white version.

If you have an iPad or like to use your laptop in bed, this Ipevo pillow is your new best friend. I bought it for an iPad I no longer own but love it for propping up my laptop when I want to be lazy. Hell, I even use it for reading my Kindle in bed if I also want to eat a snack. So multi-purpose! I'm sure there are better tech pillow things out there but I've been very happy with mine.

I carry my phone when I ride my bike and these Loksak dry bags are my favorite weatherproof option. They're simple, low-profile and fits neatly into a jersey pocket. They don't last forever but I haven't found anything better. (Yet. You got something better?)

I go through a lot of lightning cables and among the cheap aftermarket options I really like these extra-long nylon braided cords. (Plus, I like that they come in colors that match your phone.) Plus, they come in two packs which is really nice for when you accidentally step on one.

Finally, I have this Bluetooth speaker and I'm bummed it doesn't appear to be available anymore. Wait, here it is at Sears! So small but very powerful and inexpensive to boot. I mean, what more can you ask for? I'm just going to pretend I didn't see this one that's shaped like a little owl. Or this panda speaker. Dammit.

Marianne sent me this article about The Shirt and it's basically the best. I can't really add anything to this except that I agree 100%. Stop the madness.

Master of None, Season 2. I just finished season 2 last night and I really loved it. The general story arc is really compelling (and messy, painful, and delightful) but I especially love the stand-alone episodes that deal with family, religion, sexuality, etc. Just so well done and definitely worth giving your full attention. Also, the soundtrack is great. Season 1 was good but Season 2 is outstanding and I was sorry to read it might be a long time before we get a Season 3. I don't want to give anything away, but after (and only after) you've watched all of it, read this.


  1. We were blowing through the cheap cords at a rate of 1 every 6 weeks or so. After years of this I said ENOUGH! Bought these 6 months ago and we are still using them:

    WORTH EVERY PENNY. Also, 1 year warranty!!
    FWIW, I also have a Scosche 6 Ft Rugged Micro USB that is supposed to be military tested, but my 12 year old managed to break it. SO...Yeah.

    Checking out the Love Handle.

    1. Thanks for the power cord rec! I've added it to my endless Amazon cart.

  2. The Love Handle would have really helped me about a week ago.

    1. It was on the back of my case. Just saying.


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