Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Cheap Thrills at Old Navy.

Old Navy is so hit-or-miss for me but I generally find a few things in the summer that I really like. Right now they have some cute summer items with potential! (Don't forget to go through eBates for 4% cash back.) Here's what I like:




  1. Not that I expect you to serve as ON's volunteer fit expert, but for that first shirt, what size would you get? The sizing on most boho styles is ridic. I have XS blouses that are too big and I have not been a women's XS since never. I don't like stuff to be too billowy because I got my own billows.

    1. I ordered a small, but with ON who knows?

  2. Well, I just ordered 3 pairs of shorts and a top, but since it was $52, including tax, I feel pretty good about it. I ordered the relaxed cutout-back blouse in tropical sunset.


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