Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review (and an outfit): Old Navy Relaxed Embroidered Swing Top

Sometimes my friends ask, "Is tempting to look at all those shopping sites for stuff to link on your blog?" And I'm like, YES. BY GOD, YES IS IT.

For instance, I recently trolled Old Navy for this entry, despite being disappointed with my recent Old Navy order. Hope spring eternal because ON is hit or miss and the lure of cheap summer clothes is hard to resist. Anyway, I bought this Relaxed Embroidered Swing Top:

And you guys, it's so good! Mostly! I should explain. I liked it immediately out of the package and tried it on and liked it even more. The fit is pretty loose and long, but that's what you want for a flowy summer top. Some of the reviews claim it's boxy and OMG of COURSE it is. It's supposed to be. But it's basically made of cheesecloth so the flowy lightness makes it not matter that it's a big ole sack. It also comes in a white/red colorway, which keeps selling out. 

Now, "mostly" part of the review: The center of the smocked part sticks up a little. Can you see it? It was probably not even that noticeable until I pointed it out but it bothers me so I did what any normal person would do and ordered another one to compare. I also ordered the the white/red version because it was momentarily available. I mean, duh. Of course I did. (I get free shipping and returns, lest you judge.) I also ordered these denim shorts in two sizes because this pair was a bust for me. Decent, but too small despite being a boyfriend cut. Hmph. 

I am wearing the top with my white Fidelity Sola jeans which are still on sale! Nordstrom also has the Sola style in a really good grey that are making me insane. I love these jeans. ANYWAY just for comparison, Madewell also has some very nice white jeans but wait for a coupon code. 

This is what the Embroidered Swing Top looks like tucked in. It's so cute! I'll definitely keep whichever version works best. I paid under $30 for it both times, so keep an eye on the deals. Right now it's $32  an automatic 20% off your order (today only) plus 2% cash back with eBates. Tomorrow it'll probably be even cheaper. Details:

Please note the very obvious price tag. Just a try-on review! I didn't wear this top out of the house, I promise. I'm wearing the top with a cute necklace I got in a Pop Sugar box a few years ago. This one on Etsy is similar and way cooler and this reversible glitter pendant at LOFT is really pretty and practically free. I'm also wearing my Giles & Brother skinny railroad cuff bracelets and I'm cringing a little at my Apple Watch tan. (The Series 1 Apple Watch is on sale at Target, by the way.)

I'm carrying my beloved old red Epi Speedy which always makes me happy. Do you have a red satchel? I love this Deux Lux bag for a bargain and this Kate Spade satchel is a gorgeous grown ass lady bag. I'm wearing my Lotta From Stockholm peep toe clogs, which I've been neglecting lately. They're great and nearly identical to Swedish Hasbeens for a lot less money. 

It's boxy but it's good.


  1. Wait a minute - is that last caption a Crazy People reference?! Great outfit, btw. It looks terrific on you. Like peak summer.

  2. I love when reviewers complain about something being boxy when it is clear before you order it that it is boxy! Do you have a secret for free shipping without spending the $50?

    1. I have a Banana Republic card. (It's a bad secret, sorry.)

    2. What? No, that's a good secret, I'ma get one too!

    3. I was also going to ask how you got the free shipping...I have an Old Navy card which doesn't have that benefit!! Sounds like I need to upgrade...

  3. I have found that as long as the total of the merchandise is $50 before the discount code (and there's always a code), then it still ships for free.

  4. Oh yeah, that trick I know! ;)

  5. Haha, I came to comment on the Crazy People movie too. That's one of my favorite lines, I think of it whenever I see a volvo. I ordered a good boxy thing from Old Navy too, the embroidered tie front swing dress in the navy colorway, keeping that one for sure (I've worn it), ordered the white at the same time and debating keeping that one too despite it's nightgown-likeness.


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