Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beauty Sample Boxes: STAHP.

A: Things I don't want in sample boxes: Salt spray, dry shampoo, nude lipcolor, primer, shitty perfume.

A: Things I'm getting in my next Sephora box: Salt spray, dry shampoo, nude lipcolor, primer, shitty perfume.



A: I don't EVER use dry shampoo and salt spray is gross on fine, straight hair. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

M: Agree on salt spray but I'll take your dry shampoo. I'm about to cancel Birchbox after just three months because I don't need any of this shit.

A: Things other people are getting in their Sephora box: Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It, Tarte Tarteguard Tinted Moisturizer. Dammit.

M: I really only want mini mascara, sunscreen (nice for purses and travel), fancy lotion that doesn't smell like old lady, and maybe a lip scrub or something.

A: I got full sized mascara in my Birchbox last month! Mostly I want Davines hair products, fancy sunscreen, face oil, anything like that. I don't mind skincare over makeup as long as it's relevant to me.

M: Skincare is just such a crapshoot. But I'd take some fancy face masks. Speaking of I want to try that stupid Hanacure mask that's stalking me on Facebook. LEAVE ME ALONE/gimme.

A: What's the story with that one? I've seen the ads but I haven't investigated. I'm too busy talking myself out of that lace ThirdLove bra.

M: t's like two part epoxy for your face and costs $30.

A: That sounds...kind of awesome.


A: Except for the price, but still.

M: How fast did I one-click the Japanese mascara Kim France linked to?

A: HA. I have it in my cart but haven't bought it yet. I'm trying to use up the other 800 tubes of mascara I currently have.

M: I am somehow critically low on mascara so she got me at a weak moment.

A: This is the one I got last month in my Birchbox:

A: It looks fantastic on and then sheds little mascara babies all over my face

M: Why didn't I get that? Birchbox is failing me.

A: You don't want it! It's the bad boyfriend of mascara.

M: Still, who do I have to kill to get mascara to try instead of tiny tubes of BB cream that's not my color?

A: Ha, I pretty much hated everything else in that box, so.

M: I should just quit. I'm not sure why I signed up considering I don't really like random samples. If I could pick my samples I'd be all over it.

A: Yeah, I'm ready to cancel Birchbox. Again. Again again. Maybe I’ll try the Dermstore Beautyfix box which a reader recommended.

M: Well damn now I want that.

A: Sorry/not sorry! I'd use a lot of those products.

M: Yeah, I mean I like a lot of the stuff but I don't need it.

A: Need? Need. Huh.

M: Haha. Right. Need.

M: That's it, I'm cancelling birchbox and maybe I'll try your new one.

A: DEWIT. Coupon code BFADDICT10 should give you $10 off the June box.

M: It worked!

A: Hooray! I'm such an enabler.

M: All of that stuff looks great though.

A: The needle-y thing makes me nervous.

M: Heheheh.


  1. May I make a request to both of you to update on workout wear/gym/lounge clothes? Would love to know what you're buying and liking now. Thanks!

  2. The Sephora Play! box has been much better to me than BB (though I did get one salt spray and there's a perfume every time).

  3. I cancelled both Birchbox and Sephora. Birchbox was really committed to sending me dry shampoo which I hate. Sephora box was fine, but I already owned three of the items they sent me. That's less their fault and more indicative of my serious beauty product spending problem.

  4. Too! Many! Highlighters! I have received enough highlighting creams, powders, and sticks to reflect the sun. All useless to me because I do not have the poreless skin of a 16 year old pop star and I work in office, not da club.

  5. My biggest problem with Sephora is the endless nude lip gloss and primers. I want neither! Other colors also look good on everybody! Luckily looks like I am getting some color in my box this month.

  6. Ha! Just opened my Sephora Play Box to find yet another hair product that is way too heavy for my baby fine hair and another perfume sample and thought to myself, "everyGDtime..." Does anyone know if you can have these boxes better personalized? I feel like I leave more of these samples behind in the gym locker room than I actually use on myself.